YouTuber’s Viral Experience: Wearing Apple Vision Pro for 50 Hours – Social Media Sensation!

On February 2, Apple launched the ‘Apple Vision Pro Virtual Reality headset‘, sparking widespread curiosity among consumers. This headset enables users to immerse themselves in virtual reality experiences in their daily lives. Recently, popular YouTuber Ryan Trahan took on the challenge of wearing the Apple Vision Pro for 50 hours, documenting his experience in a video that has garnered significant attention from internet users.

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Ryan, an American YouTuber, shared his 50-hour journey with the Apple Vision Pro on his channel. He committed to exclusively using the headset for the duration of the challenge, foregoing the use of any other smartphones or smartwatches.

In the video, Ryan is depicted engaging in various everyday activities such as sleeping, going to the gym, grocery shopping, cooking, and video calling, all while wearing the Apple Vision Pro.

The video uploaded a few days ago, has amassed over one crore views and numerous likes since its release. The Apple Vision Pro caters to enthusiasts of virtual reality technology, with one individual spotted wearing the device in Bengaluru. Priced at approximately Rs 4 lakh in India, the product targets consumers interested in cutting-edge VR experiences.

However, the Apple Vision Pro has also faced criticism. Some users reported experiencing frequent headaches and motion sickness after prolonged use. Despite these drawbacks, the product’s premium pricing has raised concerns among consumers. Consequently, dissatisfied users are utilizing Apple’s 14-day return policy to return the product, citing health concerns stemming from its prolonged usage.

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