5 Best WordPress YouTube Plugins for Galleries

You must have seen that blogging has also been added in the age of social media, where people try to make their articles more attractive and engaging by adopting new ways.

With the help of new features, in such a situation, you give your blog many new looks. As with blogging, nowadays, the trend of making videos has also started. And by making those videos, people embed them in their articles. So that along with the block, his YouTube channel can also get publicity. But sometimes, some problems have to be faced due to the lack of YouTube plugins in the WordPress website.

In this post of ours today, we have brought complete information about the solution to those problems, i.e., the WordPress YouTube plugin. With the help of this, you can easily add a YouTube gallery to your article.

Let us tell you that there is no such facility in WordPress to post YouTube videos by embedding the blog. For this, you have to use a WordPress plugin named WordPress Block Editor. But we are going to tell you about the five best WordPress YouTube plugins for galleries.

1- Embed Plus for YouTube:

Embed Plus for YouTube is known as the best plugin to connect YouTube videos in a block of WordPress. Some features in this give you new options to embed YouTube content in the blog of WordPress site, such as:-

  • Individual videos
  • Playlists
  • Galleries
  • Channels
  • Live streams

All the features mentioned above are available to you by installing the free plugin. Apart from this, if you take its premium version, then you get more facilities like:-

  • More layouts
  • Caching to improve performance
  • Lazy loading
  • YouTube live chat
  • Automatic tagging for video SEO

Option to receive a notification if one of your embedded videos gets deleted. The premium version starts at $39

With the help of all the features mentioned above, you can easily save time by placing the video in any block and also get the benefit of many features at the same time.

2- Feeds for YouTube Plugin

Just like the YouTube channel, if you want to create a feed of favourite videos in your blog, like YouTube feed. So, with the help of feeds for the YouTube plugin, it can be done easily.

The main function of this plugin is that it keeps showing your latest videos at an automatic speed, which saves you time, and there is no need to update new videos. The most important thing about this plugin is that it is made for people who have their YouTube channel available and those who do not have their own YouTube channel.

Although you will get fewer features in its free version, if you buy the premium version of, which costs $ 49, you can take advantage of many more features.

3- Elf Sight WordPress YouTube Gallery

The main thing about this plugin is that it is specially made for those people who create a WordPress website only to promote their videos. If you install the Elf Sight WordPress YouTube plugin in your WordPress, then through it, you can create more than 100 video gallery layouts.

One of its most important advantages is that by using it, your website gets AdSense approval quickly. The cost of this plugin is only $49 with lifetime updates.

4- WP YouTube LYTE

This is a plugin designed for WordPress websites, mainly very beneficial for those who want to play videos and their blogs or articles. There is a small way to handle this hymn, which we are going to tell you here:-

  • Go to your WordPress website, create a page, and name it accordingly.
  • After that, write the article and also make a video related to it.
  • Now, put your article on the page. At the end of that post, you will see the option to invite a YouTube video.
  • Add the video you want to show with the article well and do not forget to select the category.
  • When your entire post is ready, add this code [wp_youtube_gallery category_slug=”category”] on the page where you created your page.

As soon as you put this code along with the category, then all the videos of the same category will be visible to the viewers simultaneously on the same page with your article. With the help of this feature, you can create a page for a category, show all the videos of your YouTube channel to the audience at once, and give them the option to read related articles there.

5- WP Video Popup

Now, let’s talk about the last option of the best WordPress YouTube plugin, which is used to make your WhatsApp article look very attractive.

You must have often seen videos playing at different places under an article, and if you want to show something similar on your blog, you can use WP video popup serpent. With the help of this plugin, you can go to the blog on which you want to show the video and create a button, and with the help of the plugin, you can sleep the video. This plugin works to make your blog more attractive, and readers are more interested in reading it. Its most important thing is that it is completely user-friendly and makes your interface attractive.

The above-mentioned 5 best WordPress YouTube plugins for galleries are the best YouTube plugins you can use to make your blog or article great. With this, your blog or article will be famous, and your YouTube channel will also get publicity for free.

You can also use all these YouTube plugins as the free version, and if you want extra features, you can also buy their premium version. After reading the information on all these YouTube plugins, tell us how you felt, and if you have any questions, then definitely ask us.


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