How to Use Yandex Search Engine?

In the Russian online market, you’re likely to have come across Yandex, which is a search engine. This is probably where you already want to make your site more search engine-friendly for Yandex SEO. They should, however, take a look at this search engine first.

Yandex is a search engine that people use

It has almost 60% of the Russian search engine market share. With 85 million people visiting Yandex every month, it is the most popular site on the internet in Russia.

People in Russia think of Yandex as a kind of Google. Even though they have a lot of power in Russia, that’s just the beginning.

Yandex can still be a potent tool when used correctly despite how it works. It may not work the same way as the search engines you already know and love.

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If you want to grow your business in Russia, you’ll need this search engine on your side. Plus, Yandex is one of the top five search engines globally, so your brand can’t be hidden from them. That’s a waste of money!

Because Yandex SEO is essential to your business.

Don’t mistake thinking this is a Bing vs. Google fight. If you want to get into the Russian market, Yandex is a must.

Because it doesn’t work the same way other search engines do, you’ll need to improve your site. They put different things at the top of their list and focus on different things.

When it comes to technical SEO, Yandex has difficulty crawling and indexing JavaScript-based sites. Single-page apps made with JavaScript aren’t pre-rendered or indexed by Yandex.

Unique content result blocks and snippets can be added to search results pages, just like Google can do. However, with Yandex, you can see how likely you are to get different results, which can help you decide what to do. You’ll be able to quickly figure out what might make you ineligible and make changes to improve your chances.

Later, they’ll talk about how specific signals affect your search results, but right now, it’s important to point out that Google and Yandex don’t value the same things.

Because Yandex is important for SEO in your area, this is why

It’s essential to remember that Russia has a different way of doing local SEO than other places. Since 2006, Yandex has allowed people to search for things in their area or across the country. Yandex looks at your site’s IP address, contact information, and domain registration.

Because that’s important, if any of that information is wrong or mislabeled, you probably won’t be able to rank well in local searches, no matter how you market your business. As it turns out, Yandex’s Webmaster service can make regional binding very easy.

7 Tips for Yandex SEO that are natural

They know how important Yandex can be to your brand, and they can see why.

  1. Make Useful Content.

It’s not possible to talk about organic SEO without talking about how to improve your content. Even though writing engaging and compelling content is always essential, some techniques can make your copy even better.

You want a three to five percent density of keywords when it comes to keywords. It could happen when you reach 6 to 8%. Yandex’s algorithms might see this and flag you. As a general rule, you should look at your competitors and see what they’re up to. In this case, your article should not be more than 4,000 words or less than 500 words.

2. Make Your Site Experience Better.

The content you write is important, but search engines like Yandex look at more than just the content when they decide how to rank your site.

It looks like that. If your site has many people leaving, it may not be able to rank well. People don’t care how long they spend on that page. Only whether or not they did something with the site is essential.

Increase the speed of your website, look for problems on your site with heat maps, and make sure your content is easy to read. If you already have a lot of content, take some time to group the most important articles. Not only can this help you cut down on the number of people who leave your site, but it can also make it easier for your users to get around.

3. Know the Meta Tags

Meta tags are essential for people who work with Google SEO. People who know a lot about meta tags and how important they are may not know that Yandex takes meta tags more seriously than before. Even small mistakes in meta tags can make it hard for a site to rank well on Yandex.

For Yandex SEO, this is how you’ll want to make your meta tags better. It’s OK for your title and description tags to be longer than Google’s. Still, your best bet is to stay around 60 characters, and you should try to make your description tags 160 characters long.

When you have a lot of pages on your site, canonical tags can help you avoid problems with duplicate content. They cannot pay attention to it for many reasons.

4. Make Your Site Suitable for People who Use Phones.

After Google made AMP so powerful for SEO, the idea of making your site mobile-friendly isn’t new. In the same way, Yandex said that mobile-friendly websites are essential for their search engine. They even made Turbo pages, which can load up to 15 times faster than regular pages, and they even made them faster by making them more quickly.

Fortunately, the same rules that apply to mobile optimization apply here. If you want your website to be easy to use, make sure all your multimedia elements load quickly and make your buttons big enough to work on a phone. The key here is to make things as easy as possible to find and use.

5. Check the happiness of the users.

They’ve spent a lot of time talking about how similar Google SEO and Yandex SEO are, but it’s important to point out that Yandex has a few different goals. When it comes to what we’ll call “user happiness,” Yandex places importance on it.

Site quality and user behaviour are two ways to look at how happy people are with a site. In other words, Yandex looks at whether your site is worth showing to people and then how helpful your site was to those people.

It looks at everything from how users interact with your site to how many people click through to your site to figure out where you should be in the Site Quality Index and the search results.

To improve your Yandex SEO, you’ll need to look at your traffic sources and make changes based on which seeds bring the most people to your site. Your users’ search queries and target pages and the specifications of your platform are all taken into account when determining how happy your users are. Make sure you think about these metrics when you’re optimizing.

6. Don’t use too many backlinks at the same time.

This might not be a highly complex point, but it’s still essential to keep in mind. If you’re coming from Google SEO, here’s what you need to know. Backlinks might be necessary to Google, but Yandex doesn’t rank them very high.

7. Use Yandex Metrica

Yandex Metrica is like Google Analytics but with a few extra features.

Their ability to break down user retention metrics by session and goal completions is beneficial. When they talk about Metrica, they can’t forget to talk about how they use heatmaps.


Fortunately, the truth is that Yandex is just like any other good search engine. As long as your site gets the best answers from the right people, Yandex will help your brand become more well-known.


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