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First of all, let’s talk about what WordPress websites are and why WordPress security checklists are important.

If you do not know what WordPress websites are, let us tell you that it is an open-source software program made from PHP and MySQL. It can be downloaded from the internet and installed on your webserver to create a website or blog very easily.

When you create a blog, and with your years of hard work and dedication, hackers and cyber thieves usually keep an eye on your blog when it becomes big and high-traffic. Hackers steal the Username and Password of your blog, and it is not a big deal for them to do so and try to steal your content from the website. Then, there can be malware attacks on the websites of the readers visiting your blog. There is a bad effect on both business revenue and website reputation.

43% of WordPress hackers target small business websites. Every day, 230,000 malware samples are created. According to a study, a cyber-attack occurs every 39 seconds. You must have understood from these figures that cybersecurity is not a joke but a very serious topic.

Forty per cent of the websites running on the Internet are WordPress websites and offer features like hundreds of thousands of themes and plugins. It is no surprise that WordPress websites also have some drawbacks and are constantly being discovered. As of 2021, the WordPress Security Team comprises approximately 50 (25+ in 2017) experts, including lead developers and security experts. About half of the employees are those who work in many web security fields.

WordPress Security Checklist for Bloggers

If you are a blogger, you will be well aware that every blogger has to go through many online attacks. Every day, someone or another keeps doing different types of attacks on your WordPress website, like DDoS attacks, feed attacks, and spam comments, which is enough to get the online reputation of your blog in the soil.

Creating a blog is very common, but blog security becomes very important when your blog becomes popular and grows. Today, we will talk about WordPress Security, which gives next-level security to your WordPress websites or blogs.

WordPress security checklist is very important for every website owner. WordPress core software is extremely secure and is regularly audited by hundreds of developers; wordpress can do a lot to keep your site secure.

WordPress always recommends using the latest version only; if you do not run the latest version, you may face many security issues. To check for updates manually, visit the WordPress update page and make sure you’re running the latest version. Apart from this, keep changing your installed plugins and themes from time to time. So that the risk of a cyber attack on the Aoki website or blog does not become at the same time, you use WordPress Security for the security of your WordPress website due to the actual WordPress security

•WordPress Security Scanner –

With the help of this, all the files of the website are continuously scanned, and if any malicious or harmful data is found, it is fixed there immediately.

•Leaked Password Protection Feature-

Blocks the user by continuously entering compromised passwords, and if the password is wrong, reduces the risk of your password being cracked.

•Live Traffic Feature –

This feature monitors website visits and hack attempts by hackers, blocks their IP addresses, and notifies you regularly.

• With the help of this plugin, you can see the page views and get satisfaction with perfection.

• Also, you can create Contact Forms from it, and if your site is down, it also informs you by sending a notification.

• Also provides the Daily Backup facility so that your data remains safe and can be backed up anytime.

• It also provides social sharing options for users to share the post, and after the post is published, it also auto-shares the post on social media, which saves you time spent sharing.

• A related post is also visible at the end of the post so that user engagement can increase and the user can spend more and more time on your website.

• Also, it provides the feature of creating a Sitemap for a blog, which you can create from the Rankmath Plugin.

• A great feature like Advanced Manual Blocking is also found in the security package of Wordfence. Along with this, you can see security notifications, recent IP blocking, failed login attempts, total attacks blocked, and much more with the help of this plugin.

If you are running a big and great WordPress website, then Wordfence Security is a great plugin to secure it. But before using it, it is very important to have the balance of Wordfence Settings.

As soon as you launch Wordfence security after installing, it will start scanning your WordPress site. It will scan WordPress core, theme files, plugin files, suspicious codes, backdoors, malicious URLs and more.

Cybersecurity is extremely important as it protects all types of data from being stolen and infected. It can also include very important data, and when it comes to your blog, you do not want your hard work to be wasted. That is why choosing the right Cyber Security for your blog or website becomes an important topic.


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