Top 4 WordPress Push Notifications Plugins

Whenever we make a website of ours, we are most concerned about the traffic coming on it, and often, we think about how we can keep an eye on the visitors coming to the website.

Just as we often get notifications on our phones, in the same way, if you want, you can send messages to the users visiting your website with the help of the Push Notifications Plugin, even if they are not present on your website.

Things to Keep in Mind While Taking Push Notifications Plugins

While taking Push Notifications Plugins, it must be kept in mind which browser your users are using and whether the Push Notifications Plugins you have chosen will work on it or not. Just as most Push Notifications Plugins support Firefox and Chrome, finding Push Notifications Plugins for Safari browser can be quite a difficult task.

Apart from this, the selection of Push Notifications Plugins also depends on what kind of features you want in it, such as classification, A/B testing, scheduling, etc. Let us now know about the 4 Best WordPress Notifications Plugins and see which one you like the most out of them.


If we talk about the PushEngage notifications plugin, then technically, it is a service that works to provide mobile and web notifications. With the help of the PushEngage plugin, you can send push notifications on desktop and mobile, working on Firefox, Chrome, and Samsung Internet Browser. Let’s know about some of the best features of PushEngage.

  • With the help of this Push Notification Plugin, you can send automatic notifications to your users like someone has to mail marketing automation for marketing your product or service.
  • You can categorize visitors to your website with PushEngage according to which URL they have expressed their desire to see the content for themselves by approving browser notifications.
  • With PushEngage, you can send automatic push notifications to your subscribers.
  • With the help of this Push Notification Plugin, if you want, you can send push notifications to all your users present in any one area at once.
  • If you are running any of your e-commerce websites on WordPress, then PushEngage is very beneficial for you because, through this, you can send information to your customers about any item being out of stock.
  • If we talk about the service charge of PushEngage, then in this, you are given the facility to add up to 2500 subscribers and send 120 notifications per month for free, whereas to send more subscribers and notifications, you will have to make a plan of $ 28 per month.


OneSignal, like PushEngage, is one such Push Notification Plugin that is easily added to WordPress. Talking about devices that support OneSignal, it is a bit different than PushEngage, as OneSignal works on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Let us now know about the feature of OneSignal.

  • In this, you can send push notifications to your users on a certain period, like whether you have published a post or not.
  • You can categorize your visitors based on their identity and send them to push notifications through OneSignal.
  • One of the different features of OneSignal is that you can run spill tests before sending messages to your users.
  • If you want your Push Notification, you can save it in advance for the coming time.
  • OneSignal is a free Push Notification Plugin in which you can send push notifications without any limit.


PushCrew is also a great Push Notification Plugin, which you can easily start in WordPress. Currently, PushCrew is supporting only Chrome and Firefox. Let us know about some of its best features.

  • As soon as you publish a new post, its push notification reaches your users immediately.
  • You can save your post for that date whenever you want to send it through PushCrew in the future.
  • With the help of PushCrew’s Segment Creator, you can also divide your visitors into different groups.
  • If you have put a post or deal on your website whose time period has expired, then with the help of PushCrew, your users will not be able to see that deal or post.
  • The facility of 2000 subscribers and limited features is provided by PushCrew absolutely free, and after that, you have to choose any plan from their paid plan, which starts from $18 per month.


PushAssist is also very easy to set up in WordPress, and PushAssist supports Safari, Firefox, and Chrome. Let’s know about some of its best features.

  • With PushAssist, you can categorize your users according to their preferences, their region, and other data.
  • If you want to send your Push Notification on some day or time in the coming time, then such a facility is also provided in PushAssist.
  • If you want to send a personalized message to your visitors or users, then you can do this by making a few settings in PushAssist.
  • In PushAssist, you are given the facility to send countless notifications to 3000 subscribers for free. However, if you have more users, you can take the paid service of PushAssist, whose plans start at the rate of $ 9 per month.

We hope that you liked our article today. We have tried to give you all the information about the Best Push Notification Plugin.


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