Best WordPress Page Builder Plugins For Free

What are Word Press Page Builder Plug-in?

Word Press Plug ins are the kinds of Apps that allow a person to add new features and different functions to Word Press Website. It enhances the working and functionality of a website. Just like when you install apps from the play store to enhance your phone’s functions.

There are about 50,000 plus free plug ins available right now on the Internet and there are thousands of plug ins that are being sold because of their high and advance features.

In 2003 Word Press started this tool as a simple tool for the people to start a blog but with time it has evolved a lot and has made a great progress.

The best thing about using a Word Press Page Builder Plug in even if you do not have any programming skills for the following purposes.

1-Start an e-commerce Website.

2-To make a website look more Professional.

3-Create Contact forms.

4-Add different buttons.

5- Create Booking system

and a lot more.

If you want your website to stand out and want to make it look different than other website, it requires great unique content along with the best designs to attract  the attention of visitors, if they won’t find your website attractive they will leave immediately and to prevent this from happening you need to create an outstanding pages for your website and one of easiest ways to do that is to find the best Free Word Press Page Builder Plug in for your website constructing projects.

Following are the examples of some of the best word press page Builder Plug in for the website-


2-Generate Press

3-Beaver Builder


5-WP Page Builder

6-Page Builder by Site Origin

7-Visual Composer


9-Themify Builder


Now, let us take a look and know a little more about the Word Press Builder Plug in mentioned above.
Source: Darrel Wilson

ELEMENTOR- Elementor is available as a free Plug in download and you can also pay for its premium and pro version and enjoy some advance features. Elementor is very easy to use. It is considered as one of the best free Word press Page Builder plug in and available on the internet. It’s popularity has increased over the years with having over 3,000,000 active installs.

It was launched in 2016. It has many features like multiple styling options, glitch-free, visual interface, full theme Building and many other features.

GENERATE PRESS- Generate Press is also a free Word press theme Builder Plug in. It is one of the simple ones, and hence best option for beginners, Bloggers and developers who are not aware of programming and want an easy builder with less complications. It’s premium version is also available and you use it after paying for it.

BEAVER BUILDER- Beaver Builder is also a free word press page Builder plug in available on the internet and this word press is for those who crave creativity and not simplicity. It’s lite version is free of cost and premium version is available on the internet But, it’s premium version’s price is a bit higher than any other Builder.

DIVI- Divi is known for its elegant themes and one must join as a member to have an access to plug ins, themes and other features it has few modules of Divi includes

1-Bar counter




5-Portfolio and many more.

Divi Builders allows more than one columns and it is perfect for telling a story along with the display of image.

WP PAGE BUILDER- It is a free Word Press Page Builder Plug in which came into existence in August 2018 and it is quite popular in the market. The simple design of this page will help you understand it faster and easily. The tool bar is easy to understand making the use of rows and column even easier. This WP page Builder does not require any pre knowledge of coding.

PAGE BUILDER BY SITE ORIGIN- This word press page builder plug in is available for free and also has its premium version. One can download the site origin without giving access to your email address.

Page Builder by site Origin is for free without the need to update it. But, you can always buy the premium version to have access to more features to enhance your website.

VISUAL COMPOSER- Besides being easy to use the visual composer is Word Press Builder Plug in is free and also available Premium version. One do not need to have coding skills to run this builder. It uses simple drag and drop either to move or manage your layout and elements across the page.

BRIZY-It is the youngest one and came into existence in April 2018, moving about 60,000 active installs Brizy is a frontend Visual Page Builder it has following features.

1-Theme Builder

2-Pop up Builder

3-Global Banners


Just like the majority of other page Builder this Word press  Page Builder Plug in is free but have a Premium Version too.

THEMIFY BUILDER- It is a Drag and Drop word press Page Builder. It is a simple and reliable. It can be used for making simple pages.

It lets you edits your pages from the backened and frontened. Themify Word press Page Builder Plug in is available for free on the internet and also has a premium version.

OXYGEN- Unlike other word press page builder it is not available for free but it gives free demo. It is complete website builder and not just a page. It is known for its smoothness and fast running process. It is available in different version featuring some different and fun features. It replaces the need for a theme in word press in other builders like elementor you can use the theme of your choice but with the oxygen builder default themes in word press are disabled.


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