7 White Hat SEO Techniques To Increase Traffic

White hat SEO is a technique to make the best use of your post by following all strategies of the search engine. By staying within the terms of service of search engines, you can improve the search rankings of your post. These techniques are used to create informative and high-quality content for facilitating human readers.

Benefits of White Hat SEO

  • The results of white hat SEO are slow but fruitful.
  • It is a long-lasting strategy.
  • It has no danger of being inflicted or banned by search engines.
  • Traffic generated by white hat SEO on business is long-lasting
  • The business development is stable.
  • Your business slowly grows, but its reputation is increased.
  • It is a source that builds a stronger relationship with readers.


Following are 7 white hat SEO techniques to increase traffic

01. Writing a Detailed Article

In the search engine, the post is highly ranked, is long, and contains a detailed analysis of the chosen topic. The reason is that the long post covers all the essential information about the selected topic in detail. The search shows that the most ranked posts contain about 2000 words.

02. Content Formatting

Content formatting plays an essential role in evaluating the user experience. The post in which long sentences are used is normally boring and time-consuming. So, the sentences must be short and meaningful. Moreover, you should also use simple and easy words in your content to make it easily understandable to users. People enjoy reading the perfectly formatted post.

SEO Mistakes

Following are the content formatting techniques that can be followed for better results

  • Write your post as you are talking something to a person sitting in front of you
  • Use bullets to express headings or points
  • Try to make your title catchy and understandable
  • Heading hierarchy should be maintained

03. A Proper Keyword Research

The use of proper keywords in your post is a source to facilitate the users. By this, they can easily get the result of their search by the search engine. Hence, the use of proper keywords acts as a collection of signals that act authentically before the requirements of the user. Hence, a keyword should be a collection of proper words, and it should not be a single term. You have to do proper keyword research before publishing any post. The post created without proper keyword research is all in vain. You have to accumulate proper keywords for research before writing a post on any topic.

The following techniques should be followed for proper keyword research

  • The keywords should exactly express the whole topic
  • They should be simple and meaningful

04. Building Backlinks from High-Ranking Sites

The most fragile and important process in the white hat SEO toolbox is link building. You should add links to the websites relevant to your post. When the users see many useful links built up on your website, they will prefer your post more than any other post. You should have to link your post with high-quality sites to enhance its ranking. You should add only a few links of high-quality and high-ranking sites rather than adding a lot of low and idol links. When search engines analyze your post containing high-quality backlinks, it moves your page to the top position on Search Engine Results Page (SERP).


05. User Experience

White hat SEO mainly focuses on user experience. In the ranking of your post, the search engine mainly considers why and how the user is satisfied by the content of your post. The factors about which the Google search engine mainly cares for the ranking of your post are site authority, uniqueness, and expertise. You should use all these factors in your blog post to make it popular. User attention towards your post would be a key factor in climbing up the ranking list in SERP.

06. Better Fonts and Colours

White hat SEO is all about making your post popular among users. Various techniques are available, which should be followed to make your post popular, presentable, and readable for users. Users do not like to stay on posts with ugly fonts and bad colours. The website with attractive colours and font style is always preferred by readers, and it is easy to read. When a user only sees black and white colours in the post, he becomes dull and tired.

You can make your font attractive by paying heed to follow guidelines

  • Use different colours, such as yellow, orange, parrot, blue, etc., to highlight the keywords.
  • You can also highlight important words, i.e., the word defining a new term
  • Use of attractive font for easy reading
  • Use different font sizes and font styles for headings and internal text.

07. Website Page Speed

Fastest Way To Improve

The key thing to consider in a post is its loading speed. An actual ranking factor made by the search engine is the loading speed of the post. So, it should be your priority to improve the speed of your post. A user likes to visit a post that loads faster, as a slow-loading post is time-consuming and boring. Most people reject to read the inner content of the post due to its slow speed. To analyze the speed of your post, Google has introduced a speed testing tool termed as “Google Page Speed Insight.” Other speed testing tools are also available that give insight into your post speed, such as GT Metrix and Pingdom.


Hence, white hat SEO provides many features to make your post popular. It provides you with chances to convert your passion into money. Many white hat SEO tips are described to help you achieve the best ranking for your website. By paying heed to the tips given by us, such as writing a detailed article, content formatting, proper keyword research, building relevant backlinks, improving your policies for the best user experience, using attracting colours and font styles, improving webpage speed, you can see your post to the popular ranking list of search engine.


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