Which Niche Is the Best to Start Blogging

It is crucial to choose the best niche to become a successful blogger. Professional blogging is a recent trend. With the increasing number of internet users, everyone is looking for opportunities on the internet.

Blogging for fun and getting money from blogging are two different scenarios. If you want to make money, the first thing you have to do is to be a patient, consistent writer. You will start getting results after the hard work of a few months.

Choose a niche according to your interests and knowledge. As you have to write regularly, so we recommend you not to choose a boring niche. The right niche of your interest will motivate you to keep on working and produce interesting content regularly. Interesting information will attract more audience to your blog.

Getting organic traffic on your blog is a long-term game and consistency is the key. Now the question is which niche blogging is best in  2020? So, let’s discuss different factors or niches which make your blog successful.

Best Niche Blogging in 2020

#1 Technical blog

Technology is an emerging topic. People take more interest in the latest gadgets and updated existing technology. So technology is the most popular blogging niche. A technical blog is best for you if you keep on searching for the latest gadgets. This is how you can share your knowledge with your audience in the right way.

best niche for blogging in 2020

Your aim should be to provide the right information about the latest gadgets to attract more audience. Your target audience will be people who are interested in technology news. You have to provide a complete picture of each newly launched device to become the hub technology updates.

Another important factor of this niche is that it is vast enough to provide you with space to write more content. Multiple technology companies are launching hundreds of new devices each week. So, you will have huge content to talk about. You can create sub-niches in your blog to categorize your content, such as games, operating systems, applications, and mobile devices. Product reviews are more demanding; make sure your product review provides a full picture of a specific product.

#2 Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is another emerging niche of blogging all over the world. You can find more job opportunities in digital marketing. With the increase in technology, this niche has grown rapidly.

best niche for blogging in 2020

As online stores have increased, people are looking for more digital marketing experts than traditional marketing. The right digital marketing strategy can take your business to the next level. Digital marketing means you will promote someone else business with your blog or social media pages.

You can make a huge amount of money by promoting someone else’s business without making any investment. You can choose multiple sub-niches such as video marketing, email marketing, mobile marketing, search engine, and web designing. You can also educate your audience about how to use SEO techniques to take their business to the next level.

#3 Finance and Investment Blogging

best niche for blogging in 2020

Finance and investment blogging provides multiple ways to make money. You can only choose this niche if you have the right knowledge of exchanging the stock market and financing. Reviews on financial products and investments will help you to attract the right audience. 10 Smart Ways to Speed up Website – Improve Gtmatrix Results

You can help your audience to save, invest, and multiply money which will help your blog grow very fast because this is what everyone is looking for.

#4 Fashion Blogging

Fashion blogging is an evergreen trend. This is the perfect niche blogging for young girls as they are more interested in fashion. You have a lot of things to talk about when it comes to fashion. Write influencer content for your target audience.

best niche for blogging in 2020

Manage your blog by creating sub-niches, including clothing, cosmetics, footwear, and accessories. People invest a lot of money in fashion, and they are always looking for good reviews and guidance before investing money in a product. So, you can provide a solution to their problems and help them find the right products on the Internet. Your honest reviews will help them to save money and invest in the right product. You can write about new trends, fashion shows, and different brands.

A lot of girls are running fashion blogs so, pay attention to unique content to target the right audience.

#5 Travel Blogging

If you love travelling, this niche is for you to attract your audience. Travelling is the best source for some people to refresh their minds. If you have a passion for exploring the world, you can easily manage this blog.

best niche for blogging in 2020

If you cannot afford to travel at the start of your blogging, you can still use the experience of different people and describe it in your own words. Make your content interesting to engage more audience. Write content in a storytelling way to amuse your audience. You can also describe the secret beauty of a particular location.

You can engage guest writers and ask them to share their experiences. Discuss travelling and packing hacks to save time and money for your audience. The right informative blog can get you more money. Write product reviews of the backpack and other travelling items and help people to get the right products.

#6 Health Blogging

This is the most researched niche blogging. A lot of people find health solutions on the internet to cure mild illnesses. Everyone needs to stay fit, and people search for different workouts, diet plans, anti-ageing tips, and remedies for diseases.

best niche for blogging in 2020

The interesting thing about this niche blogging is, you don’t have to be a professional trainer and a doctor. If you are interested in keeping fit, you can share your experience with people and encourage them to use a good lifestyle. You can write reviews about different fitness equipment and diets as well.

You can run health and fitness tips to attract a large number of people to your blog. You can earn more profit by talking about the favourite niche of your audience and helping them to stay fit and enjoy life.


Blogging is the easiest way to make money without investing money; you just have unique and good content to succeed in this profession.


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