What is Monetization?

Monetization means making money, it is the way to earn money by doing anything like Business, Assets, Website, Blog or any channel. Earning from all of these methods is called Monetization. We all know that in this digital world there are various ways to earn money digitally. For example, you can earn money by Blogging, Social Media , Freelancing Work, Content Writing Work, Quora and YouTube etc.

You must have heard that Monetize your blog and make money or how to earn money by monetization. In today’s topic, we are going to discuss Monetization.

What is Monetization?

Monetization is a process and through it, you can get your blog and social media channel approved and monetized by some advertising channels. Adding any commercial ads, sponsored links, affiliate links, selling services or promoting any event in your Blog or social media channel comes under monetization.

Generating revenue from any non-revenue generating item is called monetization. For example, the complete process of monetizing any channel, blog, social media accounts is called monetizing. When we watch videos on YouTube or browse Facebook then we must have seen the Advertisement. By showing ads and promoting services and apps is called monetizing.

Ways to Monetization

There are many platforms available for you to monetize and earn a good amount of money. Let’s know about it.

  • Blog

The blog is an online journal that is similar to a website and we publish content on it. Through the blog, we only publish those content on the internet in which we have some knowledge. After publishing the blog on the internet we can monetize our blog to earn money. When your blog gets ranked in Google then some advertisement companies will continue you and will ask you to show their ad in your blog.

Through this, they will do marketing of their product and in return, you will get money. That is what monetization is called about. Apart from advertisement, you can promote someone products through your blog to earn money.

  • YouTube Channel or Vlog

These days most people are creating videos and uploading them on their YouTube channel. Those videos are based on various topics like Travel, Food, Education, General Knowledge, Current Affairs, Sports etc. When your channel on YouTube performs well then you will start getting money from it. When your channel has more subscribers then automatically your videos get more likes and shares.

When your YouTube Channel performs well then you can show advertising and promote any services or any mobile app. You will be paid for showing advertisements and promoting apps. As most people, browse YouTube for entertainment then there is a very possible chance that you can monetize your video or YouTube channel.

  • Facebook

The possibility of not using Facebook these days are very lesser as almost everyone is using this social media platform. When we use Facebook and browse videos than most of the time we see advertisements in those videos. That advertising videos are of promotion of services & products.

That’s is true that users didn’t need to pay any charges for watching the ads on Facebook but instead, Facebook gives money to the users for showing ads on their Facebook page. To earn the money through Facebook, you need to create your Facebook page and then start uploading videos on it. This is another way to earn money through monetization.

  • Quora Partner Programme

Quora is a Question & Answer website & mobile app. You can create your account on Quora for free. In the Quora platform after creating your account, you can answer the questions which are raised by the various users and you can also ask your questions.

When you join the Quora Partner Program then you can earn money by answering the questions. Yes, you heard it right, Quora pays you for answering the questions. Apart from earning money, you can get the answers from experts to your questions.

You can earn money through monetization by doing any of the above things. You can use your social media account or can create a Blog or any YouTube channel. After that, you need to choose a niche, in which you have information and then create Engaging content and publish it. Later, on you can monetize your blog or YouTube channel or social media account through any of the Monetizing channels to earn money.


In today’s topic we learn what is monetization, How to Monetize, Earn through Monetization. You can also monetize your YouTube channel and Blog through Google AdSense which is a very popular and famous source for the same. We are pretty sure that you may have learned some important things through this article and you will be eager to start your channel or want to publish your blog so that you can start monetizing them and earn money.


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