What are Google Trends, and How are These Beneficial for Blogging?

When we write a blog, before that we do the research for the right keyword for that blog and are always in search of such keywords which are being searched by many people on the search engine. Such keywords also provide the right information to people. Google Trends helps us find similar keywords for us.

In today’s article, we are going to give you information about Google Trends, how Google Trends works for you, and how they actually work. They all know that SEO is a very important thing for any blog or for blogging, just like Keyword Research is also a part of SEO, which is very important.

Everyone wants Blogger to get a tool without spending any money to help them find good keywords so that their blog or post can be ranked in search engines.

What is Google Trend?

Actually, Google Trend is a tool whose job is to record all the changes over time and present them as a graph. Through this, we also get information about which Keyword is being searched by more people, and through this, we also get to know which keywords we should use and which we shouldn’t.

What Does Trend Mean?

Trend means that we all know what happens, things that are in high demand or things that many people like, then those things fall into the trend. It changes with time; there are many keywords whose values ​​increase and decrease over time. When their importance starts decreasing, then traffic on these keywords also decreases very much.

When you write a blog or article, it should be updated from time to time so that the keywords which are in the trend and according to your blog should be updated in your blog. The Google Trend Tool records hourly searches, which shows which keyword is searched more often and which is less. In Google Trend, we can see the record of any Keyword in any time period as we wish.

When Did Google Trends Start?

Google Trends services are provided by Google itself; this service was first launched by Google on 5th August 2008 under the name of Google Insights for Search. Later, on 27 December 2012, Google changed its name to Google Trends.

The information about keywords that are searched in Google’s search engine by Google Trends, like their category. Through this, bloggers who write blogs on every topic can find out about the trend of Target Keywords for themselves.

How Does Google Trends Work?

At the moment, there are many tools that are used for SEO purposes; many of these tools are absolutely free to use, whereas we have to pay for some tools. If you know how to do keyword research through these tools, then it will be very easy to understand how Google Trends works.

When we search Keywords in such tools for which we pay, then such tools show all the keywords according to Trend, Search Volume and Competition, whereas Google Trends gives you all the information of every keyword from 2004 to 1 hour ago. Google Trends explains this information to us through a graph; for this, you just have to enter the Target Keyword in the search query.

If you want, you can see the trending keywords running in any country, and if you want, you can see the graph of the Keywords according to any time period. After that, you have to select the category of the Keyword, after which you want to see the results of the platform like news, YouTube, images, shopping, etc.

Apart from all these, you can compare any 2 keywords through Google Trends; you can see these comparisons through a graph in which the lines of keywords are of different colours.

What are the Advantages of Google Trends?

In every way, Google Trends is very beneficial for the blogger and the people having a website because the blog makers want more and more people to read their blog so that it can increase their revenue.

  • Keyword Comparison – As we have already told you through Google Trends, you can also do keyword comparison. From this, we can also get information about which keywords are being searched more in which subject.
  • Real-Time Data – Through Google Trends, we get Real-Time Data linked to keywords which are very beneficial for us.
  • Best Content Creation- When we get the best keywords through Google Trends, then we have an opportunity to write the best content about that keyword so that many people reach it.
  • With the Trending Topic- Google Trends Tool at home and abroad, we can find out very easily which topic is trending in which country, according to which we can write great content. If you are an expert in SEO, i.e. Search Engine Optimization, through these Google Trends tools, you can also bring heavy traffic to your website or blog.

So, friends, today, we learned about Google Trends and also understood how we can use it. Hope you liked this article. We will keep bringing such informative articles for you in the future also.


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