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All of us know very well that we are now living in a digital world where everything is done digitally. Whether it is education or any kind of other work, we are all doing it online. Our country is also moving towards Digital India, so we should also follow the same to keep ourselves updated accordingly. In today’s article, we will try to let you know what is Google Digital Garage and also we would like to inform you which course has been offered by Google related to digital marketing that is free.

What is Google Digital Garage?

As the name suggests, Google Garage is not a kind of garage; instead, it is a platform where Google provides a free course for those who are interested in Digital Marketing. This course has been provided by Google without any kind of charge. If anyone is a YouTuber or blogger or working as a freelancer, then through this course, you will be certified by Google, and it will help you earn a handsome amount in the future. After the completion of the course, Google will provide a certificate wherein it would be mentioned that the person has been certified in the Fundamental Digital Marketing Course by Google.

If you go to any Institute to complete this Fundamental Digital Marketing course, then you may need to spend Rs. 30000 to Rs. 50000, but if you do it through Google, then it is free. This course can be done from anywhere through a smartphone or a laptop. After completing the course, the person needs to take an exam where a total of 40 questions will be asked.

What are the Benefits of This Course?

As per research and current demand, it is expected that shortly, there will be a huge demand for Digital Marketing experts in the Market. The certificate which you will get after completion of this course holds very important values so with this certificate any person can easily get a good job related to digital marketing with excellent pay.

Who Can Attempt This Course?

Anyone can do this Digital Marketing Course offered by Google, and the process to complete this course is very easy. During the course, you will need to read a total of 106 chapters, which are segregated into 26 badges. Various types of lecturers will teach you during the course through the videos. You need to be focused while watching these videos, as during the exam, the questions would be asked from these videos.

When you will complete all the chapters then a page will open on your screen where you needs to answer 40 questions. After giving the correct answers, Google will provide a Course Completion certificate digitally.

How to Do This Course?

The process for doing this Google Free Digital Marketing course is very easy, and it can be done through a smartphone or laptop/desktop. You just need to search for a Google Free Digital Marketing Course in the search bar of a phone or laptop. After that, you will see a list of available websites for this course, and you just need to select the first one. Now click on the ‘Start Learning’ option, and afterwards, you will be prompted for registration. You can register with any of your Google Accounts or any email.

After the registration, you will be required to update the complete name, do remember to update the complete name as the same name would be mentioned on the certificate which you will receive after the course. Apart from your name, you will be asked to tick a few options as per your choice. After all the processes, you will reach the dashboard of the website, wherein the names of chapters and badges will be shown. There are a total of 106 lessons in 26 badges. It all depends on you as in how much time you can complete the course as few people can complete it in just 7 days.

There are 26 different badges, and you can click on the lesson you want to start first. To start the lesson, you need to click on ‘Start Learning’. In every chapter, you will watch the videos from the experts, and you just need to watch the videos with full concentration. After the completion of every chapter, you will find a tab by the name ‘Check My Knowledge’. Through this option, you can check your knowledge about the chapter.

How to Get a Certificate?

When you complete the Online Digital Marketing Course, you will need to take an exam, and after clearing the exam, you will be certified by Google. You will find an option to share your certificate on LinkedIn and to download the certificate on the dashboard. Also, you will be able to watch your Certification Progress, and you can easily download your certificate. In the certificate, you will find your name, your course name, and the date you passed the examination.

It is very easy to clear this exam and you just need to focus on the study so you can easily crack this exam and become a Certified Digital Marketing Expert. You can also check if your certificate is original or not. For this, simply copy the certificate number and then click on the link, which would be available at the very bottom of the certificate. By clicking on the link, you will find an option to check the certificate, then enter your certificate number in that column and press enter.

Now, if your certificate is original, then you will be able to see the information related to the certificate, such as the date of issue, the name of the applicant and the course name. But in case someone is trying to forge the certificate, then this tool is very useful. We are very sure that you must have got the important information from today’s article and it will also help you in future.


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