What Is Ethereum? You Should Know Before You Invest

Ethereum is the second most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, but it is the opposite of Bitcoin and most other virtual currencies. Ethereum serves much more than just a medium of exchange or a store of value.

In addition, Ethereum itself works on blockchain technology. Ethereum is a rising star in the world as a cryptocurrency, and very quickly, it has achieved a very high position. Since its launch in 2015, its value has increased by more than 68%. If we talk about the statistics of 2017, the price of a single Ethereum has gone up to around $480.

After Bitcoin, Ethereum comes as the most popular cryptocurrency. Today, we have given you Ethereum through this article. What are its advantages and disadvantages? When was Ethereum launched? Today, we are providing you with information about how Ethereum works through this post.

What is Ethereum?

The Ethereum cryptocurrency is also called Ether. It is the third most valuable digital money in the world after Bitcoin. Today, its market value is in second place. The technology on which Ethereum works. It is called the Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum was first introduced to the world in 2013 by a 19-year-old Bitcoin programmer named Vitalik Buterin. This cryptocurrency has raised its popularity to great heights in a short time. If we talk about today’s valuation, then around $ 46 billion, which is $ 480 per coin. Its price always goes up and down.

Vitamin Buterin improved Ethereum so that today it is considered much better crypto than Bitcoin. A decentralized payment network, like Bitcoin, has its cryptographic currency. You can easily send it anywhere in the world today with the help of the internet. You do not have to depend on any third party or bank to do this.

All these code transactions are stored on the decentralized ledger. This is also called blockchain; it is all visual, and all are also present in the network.

Who Made Ethereum?

You all know that Satoshi Nakamoto is the one who brought crypto bitcoin to the whole world. To date, no one has any information about this. But Ethereum is a different cryptocurrency. The inventor of Ethereum is Father Vitalik Buterin. Who is a resident of Canada? He was born in Russia. In 2013, he presented this idea to the whole world, and it has taken two years to set it completely.

Buterin had been a brilliant student in college and school. He was very much interested in Maths and Science. He also won the bronze medal in Informatics at the 2012 International Olympics.

Difference Between Ethereum and Bitcoin

Ethereum is in front of the world as the second biggest cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. That’s why Ethereum is always compared with Bitcoin. Ethereum is better than Bitcoin in many ways, but it still believes something in both. Is, or can say, some differences are also seen between the two; let us know the difference between Ethereum and Bitcoin…

1. Shortening of Block Time: Mining a block inside Ethereum takes roughly 15 seconds, the same rate as 10 minutes in Bitcoin. So that more and more transactions can be done easily

2. More sophisticated fee structure: Transaction fees in Ethereum are based on store notes and network usage. If the same thing is to be done about Bitcoin, then the transactions here are based on the block size, which competes with each other.

3. To be more sophisticated, mining: Mining done by bitcoin requires an application-specific integrated circuit, which requires a high amount of capital investment to mine. The Ethereum mining algorithm is designed in the identical Ethereum, and mining can also be decentralized, keeping ASIC resistance in mind.

4. No High Transaction Fee: If we talk about the transaction fee, it has to be paid significantly less in this Ethereum than in Bitcoin.

5. Use of more technology – Ethereum also allows second or third-party applications to be network ground in the currency. Only the currency is released when the network is run in the same bitcoin.

6. Higher profit for miners – Miners earn more profit in Ethereum than in Bitcoin.

History of Ethereum

Vitalik Buterin suggested Ethereum in 2013, and on 30 July 2015, the Ethereum network was exposed online live to the whole world. Altogether, there used to be 72 million here points at that time. Now Vitalik had removed the stadium because only bitcoin was used for any goods or service transactions. A person could use Bitcoin to transact just about anything. For example, when buying anything, bitcoin was used to make payments, and nothing else could be done with bitcoin.

Looking at all these things, Vitalik Butera wondered if such a digital platform could be created. This rule was established keeping all these things in view so that transactions are more and people can do more other tasks. The primary purpose of setting up Ethereum here is to enable the developer to create decentralized applications and execute different types of applications by executing intelligent contacts.

Then, in 2016, according to the DAO event, an Ethereum project at that time received $150 million in funding, and in June 2016, $50 million worth of DAO tokens were stolen by an unknown hacker. After this, many questions started arising within the crypto community regarding Ethereum because of these questions. This, after some time, was divided into two parts. The first was Ethereum Classic, and the second was Ethereum 2.0.

Ethereum Classic is based on Ethereum’s original blockchain and is still being worked on top of Ethereum 2.0. It is believed that Ethereum 2.0 will be several times more secure than Ethereum Classic.

Is Ethereum safe or not?

Ethereum is deployed for different phases. Today, the Ethereum project occurs in two phases, also known as Homestead. There are four phases of development for the Ethereum network to grow, with Frontier, Homestead, metropolis, and Ciniti Ethereum Homestead flight operating smoothly after being in beta for several months without significant incidents. Although radium is only a practical problem, as it allows programs to run on a virtual machine, it is still possible that some things may or may not go wrong, such as a poorly written smart contract, etc.

How does the price of Ethereum affect it?

Ever since Ethereum was launched in front of the whole world, its value has increased gradually. On the other hand, the price of Bitcoin has also increased a lot. Not long ago, there was a significant drop in the price of Ethereum because people had declared its founder dead, which was a complete rumour. Ethereum lost 20% in value due to its false rumour. More recently, a lot of big companies have invested heavily in Ethereum. Due to this, there has been a lot of increase in Ethereum.

Where did ethereum start?

There is a Swiss company that founded Ethereum, and this company is based in Switzerland. Ethereum was a non-profit Ethereum foundation that was formed in June 2014.

How to buy ethereum?

Buying Ethereum in our country today is very easy. For this, you do not need much of anything. For this, you must be above 18 years of age, and then you can buy them. To buy Ethereum, you have to follow the following steps. Only then can you buy it…

1. Registered on Crypto Currency Exchange

 To buy any cryptocurrency, first, you need a cryptocurrency exchange. Like there are banks for money, there are only currency exchanges, and please, you have to register first. There are many crypto exchanges in India, and talking about the best exchange among them is WazirX.

2. Searching Ethereum in WazirX

If you want to search for Ethereum, you have to go to the search box of WazirX and search send. The first coin you will see at the top would be the Ethereum coin. There, you can buy Ethereum as per your wish.

Why is Ethereum crypto so popular?

Ethereum is a desirable digital currency for many people, and it is not like Bitcoin. Ethereum is unique because it does not use any currency for online payments. Using Ethereum to do token translation is also a smart contract, and that’s why Ethereum is so popular.

Ethereum’s more focused “smart contracts.”

Do you all know what this intelligent contract is? For your information, let us tell you that the smart contract is written in code, which the creators upload to the blockchain. If any contact is executed, all notes exist in the network. Those are then uploaded to the blockchain and thus stored in public ledgers, which are theoretically tamper-proof.

When some conditions feel full, then that program completes that contact. Small contracts are structured as if-then statements. Because now computers are located in a network in it. In all of them, the transaction is done in a digital ledger that tracks each other. It is impossible to do or leave this thing on time. If someone tampered with it anywhere, then the information about this thing is also known.

Ethereum Team

  • Vitalik Buterin (CEO) – In 2011, with the help of Bitcoin, the legislator created Ethereum by discovering cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Bitcoin Magazine was seen in 2012 to help people understand Bitcoin. After receiving the Thiel fellowship in 2014, he dropped out of the University of Water Loco to work full-time on Ethereum, realizing what blockchain technology had to offer in the future in 2013. I had just invested in Ethereum.
  • Gavin Wood (CTO) – Vitalik met Gavin in 2014 through a mutual friend. Together, these two created the smart contact language solidity. He also wrote the first Yellow Paper for the Ethereum Blockchain for the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
  • Jeffrey Wilcke – After all sorts of infections, he saw the implementation of Go programming on Ethereum.
  • Ming Chan – He works as the executive director of Ethereum and oversees the regulatory and legal matters of the Ethereum blockchain.

Investing in Ethereum

The price of Ethereum has increased a lot today and will continue to increase in the future because the value of the cryptocurrency is constantly fluctuating. Often, you must have heard from the mouths of people at some point in your life that, suddenly, many people become millionaires in a short time. All these transactions are of cryptocurrency. That’s why whenever you want to invest in Ethereum, do as much as you can afford.

The best platform to invest in Ethereum is Wazirx.


Today, we have told you all through this article what Ethereum is and how it works. Provided information about. I hope you have understood all the information given to us. For other information related to this, you can stay connected to our website, or for any questions, you can see by commenting in the comment section.


What is Ethereum?

It is a digital cryptocurrency

When was Ethereum launched?

In 2015

Who invented Ethereum?

Vitalik Buterin

Which platform is it better to buy Ethereum on in India?

WazirX, coin switch, etc.


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