What is Bounce Rate and How to Reduce It?

Whoever works on any website or blog they have a lot of information about the Bounce Rate. When we see the ranking of our website or blog in Alexa, we also see the Bounce Rate of our website or blog. If the Bounce Rate of our website is high, then the ranking of our website or blog starts decreasing, and this is not a good thing for any blogger.

If the bounce rate of a website is high, then it’s a bad signal because it puts our website in the category where its rank starts falling. If someone has created a new website, then the bounce rate of that site is generally high, but there is no worry. But if your website is old and the bounce rate is still high, then you have to find out the mistake as soon as possible.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you what the Bounce Rate is and how to reduce it if the Bounce Rate is increased. After reading this article, you will get important information related to Bounce Rate. So, let’s start.

What is Bounce Rate?

When we are not able to increase the search performance of our website or blog even after working hard, the biggest reason behind this can be the increased Bounce Rate of your website. Whenever a Visitor visits our website or blog and then goes back, that process is called Bounce.

The percentage of all Visitors who visit our website or blog but go back without clicking any web page is called the Bounce Rate. If it is understood in simple words that whenever someone comes to our website and immediately leaves the website, that is, without reading any article or without visiting any web page, then there may be nothing interesting on your website or blog that could attract visitors.

Or it may be that the design of your website is such that the visitor does not see anything special in it, or the headings of the article on it are not so attractive that they can read it. Due to all these, the Bounce Rate of our website is high. This also leads to a decrease in the number of visitors coming to it, and the rank of the website will also start decreasing.

What Should be the Bounce Rate of a Website?

We have already understood what Bounce Rate is, but we also need to understand how much Bounce Rate should be for any website and how much Bounce Rate is not right for the website. Mainly, we can divide the Bounce Rate of the website into 4 parts.

  • 1% to 10%
  • 10% to 40%
  • 40% to 70%
  • more than 70%
  1. Whenever the Bounce Rate of any website is between 1% and 10%, then all those websites are considered to be the most successful websites in the world.
  2. Websites that are between 10% and 40% are also considered in the list of good websites.
  3. Whatever website comes in the list of 40% to 70%, then it is believed that these websites are only average kind, and this website does not come in the list of good websites.
  4. Any website whose Bounce Rate is more than 70% means that all those websites need a lot of improvement.

One thing to keep in mind here is that not all websites have the same Bounce Rate, but they depend on the type of website. Let us know what the Bounce Rate for a website.

  • Service Provider Websites – 10% to 30%
  • Retail Business Websites – 20% to 40%
  • Lead Generation Websites – 30% to 50%
  • Content Websites – 40% to 60%
  • Blogs Website- 70% to 98%
  • Landing Pages Website- 70% to 90%

What Happens Because of High Bounce Rate?

There are very common reasons for any website to have a bounce rate; in fact, these are some common mistakes that most bloggers make.

  • Having only a single web page
  • Useless website design
  • The higher loading time of the website
  • Ranking on wrong keywords
  • Having low-quality content.
  • Heading of the content not to be very special
  • Bad formatting of the website
  • Internal links not like Visitor

How Can Bounce Rate be Reduced?

1. Focus on Loading Time

If the page load time of any website is more, then it means that most of the Visitors would return before reaching the blog on your website. So you should always keep the page load time of your website short. Let’s know what should be the page load time of any website

  • They are absolutely perfect if the Loading Time is less than 1 Second
  • If they are 1 Second to 3 Seconds, then they are Above Average.
  • If the page loading time of the website is 3 Seconds to 7 Seconds, then it is considered an average.
  • When the load time of a page is more than 7 seconds, it is placed in the category of Very Poor.

2. Take care of Quality Content

Quality Content is the life of any website. If your website does not have quality content, then visitors will not visit your website because there are many websites that have better content than your website. You can make your website more valuable with quality content.

You should always pay attention to the quality of your content in your article or blog. Also, do not share wrong information because getting wrong information will lose the trust of your website users, and they will stop visiting your website. Always use easy language for content so that everyone can understand it easily.

3. Website design should be good

When we like to see something, we are attracted to it. Similarly, if the design and look of our website are good, then visitors will start coming to your website automatically, and your blog and article will start getting attention. Apart from this, always keep in mind the colour combination when designing a website or blog.

Font colour and text size should also be kept in mind while writing a blog. You should ensure that your visitors do not have any problem reading it.

4. Pay attention to Mobile Friendly Blog

In today’s time, the Internet is used more on smartphones, so we should always insist on making our blog mobile-friendly. Because of this, the number of visitors to our website will start to increase as more than half of internet users are smartphone users.

We understand that you must have received very important information from this article today, and we will continue to share such information with you in the future.


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