What is Blockchain Technology?

You must have heard about blockchain technology at some point or the other, and you must have seen or heard the name of Bitcoin. It is a cryptocurrency. Bitcoin cryptocurrency transactions are a blockchain technology angel, and they are a kind of money in digital form.

After the advent of Bitcoin technology, blockchain technology was created for money transactions. This technology came to us mainly in the year 1993. This technology was designed jointly by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta. After this, a person from Japan made some changes to this technology, increasing its security. After this, Blockchain technology came to the world in 2008.

In 2009, Satoshi Nakamoto presented blockchain technology to everyone as an invention. Today, through this article, what is a black chain to all of you? What is technology, the advantages of blockchain technology, and the disadvantages of blockchain technology? Are we giving information about all these through articles?

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is such a technology that all types of money transaction entries are saved and kept inside it. It can also be said that it is in the form of an online digital account whenever a person does money transactions online, and all his information is saved in it as a block. Inside this blog, your data is encoded through cryptocurrency technology, also called the hash.

Whereas high security, in this, your data is entirely safe. In this way, with increasing money transactions, your blocks also keep on increasing. And all the blocks remain connected to each other. In this way, the linked chain of all these blocks is called Blockchain.

There is no centralized system in a blockchain. Money transactions can be done between buyer and seller without any third, i.e., bank. Being a decentralized laser, there is transparency. Because of this, a copy of its ledger reaches all the network-connected computers. And once an entry is made in this same account, it becomes tough to make any tampering or change inside it.

Meaning of Blockchain

Blockchain is mainly a growing list of blockchain records called blocks. It is linked using cryptography, with each block containing the cryptographic hash of the previous block, timestamp, and transaction data in the Blockchain.

How Secure is the Blockchain?

Blockchain is a kind of digital technology. In this technology, to do any transaction, all the network nodes have to be aggregated. After that, the transaction is done. This work is not done for a single entity. Even if someone wants to do it, he has to hack not one system but the entire network, so hacking is not easy.

How Blockchain Works?

There are many blocks inside the Blockchain. The data, i.e., the hairstyle stamp of the previous block and the transaction data, are all stored in these blocks. This is all the block nodes in the computer or service; it becomes all the staff. All the people in the Blockchain are interconnected. It is constantly importing and exporting new data blocks so that all the notes can be up to date with the new Tatas.

If you say in Aja words, Black Chain works as a brother account which is the opposite, meaning distributor, inside it, there is an updated copy of the new Tata near every turn whenever a new transaction is done inside it. The new block is accepted near all the notes so that the Blockchain’s transaction account is ultimately saved near all the notes. Agreed.

Advantages of Blockchain

The advent of blockchain technology has brought many benefits, and many more benefits can be seen in the future.

1. Security – Blockchain is a very secure technology. It is not only tricky but very impossible to steal all your data in it because, for any transaction, it is necessary to have the agreement of all the notes in it first. Every single transaction is encrypted with cryptocurrency technology. Apart from this, it is also linked using the hashing technique in the middle of the block.

2. Transparency – After a transaction is verified in the Blockchain, the second data is recorded in these blocks. After that, it is tough to delete or delete the data. Get ready for the new Tata.

3. Low cost – Blockchain technology does not require a third party, for example, RBI between two different banks.

There is no need to make any rule or law to establish trust.

Types of Blockchain

There are mainly three types of Blockchains.

1. Public Blockchain – It is pretty clear from its name that public Blockchain means that any person can use it. Bitcoin, Ethereal, Litecoin, etc., come under public Blockchain, in which all the information happens in a network. After that, it is not saved in one place, but it is stored in many computers, which you can also call nodes. If you have a good internet connection, you can also use public Blockchain. Whatever activity you have till now, you will get the record of whatever has happened in that network through a computer, along with you can also do mining. 

2. Private Blockchain – Private Blockchain works precisely opposite to public Blockchain. It is a close, secure network. You need to get permission to use it because a single party controls it. Hence, it is called a private Blockchain. Only a very few people work or use it within this network. Although the work of a private blockchain is similar to the work of a public blockchain, not everyone uses it. The companies that use it use the organization Voting Supply Chain Management or digital identity. Examples of this are Hyperledger, multichain, ripple, and private Blockchain.

3 Hybrid Blockchain – is made up of a public blockchain and a private blockchain. Apart from this, it uses both private permission and public permission systems, with the help of which any organization or company decides which information to keep public and Which information you have to keep private, mainly under hybrid Blockchain, whatever record or transaction happens, it is not made public. Still, it is done only under the verified public Blockchain. Examples of this are Dragonchain and Hybrid Blockchain.

Disadvantages of Blockchain

The following are the disadvantages of Blockchain.

1. Cost: Using blockchain technology is prohibitive. If you use it, you also have to pay network fees, which is a lot to pay. Although many black chain platforms have found a solution to copy this much money, this problem remains in many significant cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.

2. Scalability – In the future, as more and more people continue to use the Blockchain, the problem will only increase because it will not be able to carry out the rest of the activities as fast as the problem Ethereum is facing to solve it Ethereum is now upgrading itself to ethereum2.0. Its co-founder Vitalik Buterin says that this will increase the speed of Ethereum a little more.

3. High power – Even today, there are such blockchain platforms where more power is used. The most prominent example of this is Bitcoin, the world’s largest known cryptocurrency, which works only on the festival’s power. In 1 year, countries like the UAE and Netherlands may not use electricity as much as Bitcoin uses electricity in 1 year, and it remains a matter of great concern.

4. Immutable – If the data present in your Blockchain is gone once, then it cannot be changed back. Suppose you have ten bitcoins, out of which five bitcoins have to be sent to you, which is worth crores of rupees, but you are at the wrong address. Let us send it because of the one mistake: you sent ten bitcoins. Due to this, it cannot be returned after the transaction. Simply put, you have lost all the bitcoins. Once the bitcoins are gone, they cannot be put back on the record. You cannot even complain about this to anyone because it is a decentralized system. No one controls this. No one here is a listener to you, so you have a significant loss in this.

Features of Blockchain Technique

Following are the features of Blockchain technology

  • Many Internet connoisseurs agree that Blockchain can bring about a lot of change in response to work in the industrial sector.
  • Industrial operations can also be made secure and transparent with the help of Blockchain.
  • Apart from this, anyone can efficiently operate virtual transactions on their computer system. All blocks are through encryption because one block is connected to another block through electronic means, so Blockchain technology is safe and secure.
  • This technology can also be used to prevent cybercrime.
  • In this, a transparent ledger has been prepared regarding the transactions.
  • Bitcoin can be used by anyone without any government restrictions, as this currency is not under the control of the government.

Blockchain Future Use Areas

Blockchain is used in cryptocurrency, but there are many other areas in which Blockchain can be used.

  • Blockchain can also be used in information technology data management, and it is completely safe.
  • With Blockchain Technology, you can save any document you need.
  • Blockchain technology can also be used in Internet banking and insurance.
  • Blockchain technology can also be used to prevent cybercrime.
  • Cloud storage can also be done through blockchain technology. Apart from this, e-governance can also be kept secure.
  • You can also include it in your smart contract, a significantly saved methodology.
  • The government reached by blockchain technology also conducts e-voting because it can be a safe, opaque method.


Today, through this article, we have given all the information about this blockchain technology. I hope you have understood all the information given by us; give any other information related to it, or for any other kind of help, you can comment on the comment section. Can also join.


What is Blockchain Technology?

Online Digital Bookkeeping

Which is the cryptocurrency based on Blockchain?

Bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, Cardano etc.

Who Invented Blockchain?

Satoshi Nakamoto in 2008

What are the types of Blockchain Technology?

3 Kinds


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