What is a Meme? How to Make it?

These days we see some funny images on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and many other social media platforms and applications. These funny images are called Memes. There are various types of Memes like Funny Memes, Sad Memes, Inspirational Memes, etc. We enjoy these Memes and we forward this to our friends and in the family. Do you know these Memes are very popular these days amongst the young generation and we love to watch them more and more? 

But do you know what the meaning of Memes is and how you can create them? In today’s topic, we are going to inform you what the memes are all about and how can anyone create the memes easily. Memes are considered as a most lethal weapon to increase Followers, Likes, Share and active fans on social media. 

Memes can be created on any person, object or place. You must have seen the Internet Funny Memes, Funny Animal Memes, Politician Memes, Cartoon Memes, Kids Memes. Apart from it, you must have seen Emotional, Funny and Inspirational Memes. Maybe you don’t know what is the actual meaning of Memes and When the Memes first created. 

What are Memes?

The use of Memes on the Internet is very common these days and almost everyone thinks that like all the Internet Terms the Memes Term is also very new but this is not true as Memes was first used in 1976. In 1976, a book was published by Richard Dawkins ‘The Selfish Gene’ and the Meme word was generated from it. This Meme word was first used in this Book. Meme word is a short form of Mimeme words. 

The real meaning of Memes is Evolutionary Principles in Explaining the Spread of Ideas and Cultural Phenomena. This is the original meaning which was described by Richard Dawkins but now these days the meaning of Internet Memes has been very different from its original version. 

Internet Memes are an Idea or Media activities that are used by a person or any other person, place or object for humour purposes. This can be in Image, Video, GIF or any Text form. The internet memes were shared first in 1990 on the Worldwide discussion system. Later in 2005, a Video named Rickrolling Meme got very popular on YouTube. Lots of people share that meme and from that Internet Memes make a huge fan following. 

We can watch different types of Memes on Social Media like Motivational Memes inspirational Memes and now these days the meme of African boy Ositha is very popular. To increase Followers and Engagement in social media most people are using this meme. Not only individual persons but also Big brands also share the memes as per the situation on their social media accounts. 

What are the Types of Memes?

Normally Memes can be created only on one or two topics because we can create Memes on any person, topic. But still, many memes topics are famous from the start and we call these types of memes as Classification of Memes. Below are some types of Memes which are liked by most people.

  1. Classic Memes

In classic types of memes, there is an image of a person and at the top and bottom of the image, there is some text written in an impact font. These types of Memes come under the Meme Classic Category.

  • Dank Memes

These types of Memes are very best and this is created with unique ideas. These types of Memes are also called Internet Jokes. This type of meme is mostly created on Popular Television Shows, Movies and popular games. 

Along with these types of memes, many other types of Memes are popular which are Marketing Memes, Pape Memes, Vine Memes, LOLcats Memes, Surreal etc. This meme is very much used as a Social Media and WhatsApp meme. 

  • One-Hit Wonder Memes

This type of Meme is very rare and it is called the best type of meme amongst the complete Meme range. This type of meme is created only for Once are you can also say that these types of memes are created for only one single work. For example, if you are sharing a beautiful image with a very wonderful caption on it. These types of Memes are mostly used to create Memes on music. 

  • The Education Memes

This type of meme is beneficial for the general public because Members share solutions for all the education-related problems through this type of meme in a very funny manner. Through these funny educational memes, people can learn these things very easily.

  • The Trenders Meme

These types of memes which we call The Trenders memes remain in trend for some time and then these types of memes suddenly get invisible. But till the time this meme remains in trend they trend very quickly in social media. These types of Memes can attract anyone very easily, same as if you remember the Memes on Binod which remained in trend for so long.

  • The Series Meme

As the name suggests, Series Memes are created in a collection. You must have seen various accounts on Instagram which share the same Memes on different Instagram Accounts. They have all the memes in a collection.

How to Create Memes?

It depends on us whether we want to download the Free Memes or want to create a new meme. If you know Photoshop Photo Editing Software then you can customize your meme. Also, there are lots of tools available online and through those tools, you can create Memes on different topics. Now we are going to inform you about one Free Meme Maker tool which is Imgflip.com.


This is the very fastest and free meme generator website and through this tool, you can create the meme according to your requirement. You can create memes on trending and viral topics. Let’s understand how this tool works. When you want to create a meme on Imgflip.com you will get to see an image sample there and you can test it through as to how you can create a meme with it.

After visiting the website you need to upload the image, on which you want to create your meme. If you do not have the image then there is no need to worry because there are lots of images available on the website and you can add text on those images to make your meme. For any meme, the text is a very important part of it and on this website, we get two default text boxes. 

With the help of these boxes, we can add text to images. But if you need more than 2 boxes then we can also add more boxes. You can also add Text colour and manage their alignment. After adding text to the image, our meme gets ready for sharing. After that, we need to click on the generate button to share the meme on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or through your email. You can also embed the meme and also can download it.

What are the Benefits of Memes?

We all know that people share Memes for fun but maybe you don’t know that this is also the main source to earn income through social media. There are lots of social media pages available which make them popular by sharing these funny memes. One of the most popular pages these days is ‘RVCJ’. This page has more than 1.5 crore likes and the earning of the admin of this page is in lacs per month.

It is very common and we all have the information that these memes get viral very quickly on the internet and people like them, share them and tag their friends in them. If you are going to make a page and you share memes on trending and viral topics then your page followers will increase rapidly. As the followers of your page will increase then demand your page will also go up and the brand will directly request you for the paid promotion of their product on your page.

Examples of Memes

Millions of memes are shared on the internet daily but in these memes, there are some memes which we almost see on various pages and platforms with different text. Some memes remain in our minds for so long. Some of the most popular memes are

  • Smart Kid Meme
  • African Boy Meme
  • Distracted Boyfriend Meme
  • Drake Hotline Bling Memes


We hope that by reading today’s article you will get to know what the memes are and how you can use them. If you also want to increase the followers on your page then this is the best way to do it. 


What are the Forms of Memes?

Memes are available in various forms like Image, Video, GIF and Text.

If we can earn money by Memes?

Yes, you can earn money by sharing the memes on your pages that are created on a trending topic. This will increase the traffic on your page.

How many Types of Memes?

There are 6 main types of memes.


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