What is a Backlink? | How to Get Backlinks For Blog?

This topic is going to be very interesting for you. Here I am going to tell you some known and some unknown tips for creating backlinks.

Backlinks are very important for any site or blog. Backlink plays an important role in bringing organic traffic as well as DA PA to your blog or site.

There is no need to tell what a backlink is, yet for those people who still do not know about it, I will define it a bit.

What is a Backlink?

In simple language, backlink is a kind of reference, which is given to your site by another site. It is in the format of a link that acts as a reference for your site in terms of search engines.

The stronger the backlink of your site, the easier it will be to rank your article in the search engine. However, no matter how good your content is, if you have a shortage of backlinks, it can be difficult to rank your blog. According to the algorithms of Google or any search engine, backlink plays an important role in ranking any site or bringing organic traffic to the site.

It is the dream of every blogger and interpreter to rank their blog in search engines.

Always take backlinks from the right site and stay away from spamming sites.

What Are The Types of Backlinks?

Now you know what a backlink is. Before you start creating backlink links to your site, you need to know how many types of backlinks are there.

What kind of backlink will work best for your site? I have seen many people know how to make backlinks but don’t know what kind of backlink is beneficial for them.

But I want you to learn about this first before you start with backlinking!

1. Dofollow Backlinks

This is the best way to make backlinks. The more dofollow backlinks you have, the better your site will be.

When an A website gives a dofollow backlink to website B, it means that website A tells the Google search engine that site B is trustworthy.

In other words, when the search engine goes to site A and reads the link, then at the same time it also comes to your site through that link.

Which proves effective in increasing the value of your site.

Ex: <a href=”https://www.example.com” Link to Example.com</a>

2. Nofollow Backlinks

Yes, what you are thinking is exactly right. In nofollow links, Google is told that the other site is not trustworthy.

When an A website gives a nofollow backlink to the B website, Google does not follow that link to your site.

Meaning that the linking site does not say that you can trust it. Such backlinks make it difficult to create value for your site.

Ex: <a href=”https://www.example.com” rel=”nofollow”> Link to Example.com </a>

3. Noreferrer Backlinks

This is a kind of dofollow link. But the site gives a link in it does not ask Google to follow the second site.

Ex: <a href=”https://www.example.com” rel=”noreferrer”> Link to Example.com </a>

4. Noopener Backlinks

This link is used in WordPress. noopener means when someone clicks on that link, that link opens in another tab.

This is also good from the security perspective. So, we use it to open a link in a new tab.

Ex: <a href=”https://www.example.com” rel=”noopener”> Link to Example.com </a>

How To Get Backlinks?

1. Guest Posting: Always guest post on authority sites where you can get good backlinks which can promote your site.

2. Comment and Review: You will find many good sites where you get the option to submit a comment or review of a product. You have to find sites that are related to your niche that take guest comments. Now, you have to write a good review or comment and give a link to your blog in the anchor text.

3. Bookmark Submission: A bookmark is a link given to your anchor text keyword, which is neither inside a blog nor in a comment. This bookmark is usually on the sidebar page of the site. You can also use this type of site for backlinks.

4. Image Submission: Like guest posts, there are many sites for submitting images, where you can upload your image and you can also add a link to that image.

5. PDF Submission: You can make a PDF submission on the file-sharing website and take a backlink by giving your link.

6. PPT Submission: You have to submit the product or website visually by creating it as PPT which is called PPT submission.

7. Directory Submission: Many open directories can also be found on the Internet where you can submit information about your business and take backlinks.

8. Infographic: Like image submission, an infographic is also very effective, for backlinks, you can submit an infographic on a site like Google Images. Which gives you good results.

9. Broken Link: This method is very effective for backlinks, so you always have to search for such sites. When a link is given to a site or blog for some time and the site or blog is closed for any reason, the link given on that site or blog is called a broken link. You have to search for such a link and then contact the site owner via mail to take that link. The better your writing method, the more links you can expect to get.

10. Exchange: This method of creating backlinks is also used a lot, what happens in it like if you are giving backlinks to a site, then the owner of that site gives you a backlink from the site. Meaning backlinks are exchanged, but I would like to advise you not to use them much or else Google can consider you spam.

You can use all the 10 ways mentioned above to create a backlink to your site. You just have to see that how authentic that site is on which you are creating backlinks, and its spam score is not the worst.

In The End ..

It is not necessary that you will always find free ways to make backlinks, you can also take paid backlinks. Paid Backlink When you take it from your Niche Authority website, a paid backlink gives a value equal to 10 free backlinks. In making backlinks, use the smart way that gives you good results.

The value of your DA also increases with your backlink and your site gets noticed by search engines as an authentic site. Which improves the site ranking and also increases your article rank.

I hope all your questions related to backlinks are answered here. Please comment in the box below, if you want to know more on something specific regarding backlinks.

Thank you


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