What are Google AMP? | Advantages and Disadvantages

Nowadays, everyone is using the Internet; you must also be using the Internet. Have you ever noticed that there are many websites that have an arrow-like mark under them, which is also called the signal of AMP? If you have seen this mark, then you must have thought about why this mark was made and what the benefit of it is.

Today, the Internet is the most used smartphone. It is said that ever since smartphones started coming in, the internet has started being used more on smartphones rather than computers. According to a survey, around 70% to 75% of the people in the world currently use smartphones, out of which around 55% to 57% use the internet. Google AMP was introduced by Google so that people could get a better experience. Anyone can open any website on the internet without any difficulty.

Google AMP is very beneficial for mobile users, so it is also called Mobile Friendly; Google AMP has many advantages. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about what Google AMP is and the advantages and disadvantages associated with Google AMP.

What is Google AMP?

AMP means Accelerated Mobile Pages. This is an open-source framework by which any web page is made user-friendly for the mobile user. With its help, any type of content on the Internet is made mobile-friendly without any hassle. In a way, it works like an application, with the help of which all web pages start working on mobile.

With the help of Google AMP, all web pages open very fast on mobile; it also contains Cache, HTML, and JS, which allows any website to work well for the user. Even if the website has PDF, video or audio, with the help of AMP, the website accelerates the load time on the smartphone.

Only the things that are necessary for any website are visible on the page that opens on the mobile of the website by AMP. Apart from those things, because it takes time to open the website, the AMP ignores them, so any website on the mobile starts opening very fast, which gives the smartphone user more time on the website to get information.

What are the benefits of Google AMP?

Speed ​​Up is loading time

Ever since Google AMP was implemented, the loading time of all the websites has improved rapidly; Google AMP does not load the extension on mobile without work, which causes the website to open very fast.

Help to increase Mobile Ranking

The mobile ranking of such websites does not increase with Google AMP, but due to this, the website starts opening faster on mobile, and its response time also improves significantly. Due to this, the traffic on the website starts increasing, and due to that, the mobile ranking starts increasing.

Increase in website server performance

As we have understood, with the help of Google AMP, any website starts opening faster and due to this, the website gets more traffic, but due to this, the server does not have a lot of load and hence, the website’s server performance increases. It seems

For Informational Websites

Google AMP is like a boon for all informational websites because these websites always contain text instead of images or videos, Google AMP removes all the unnecessary extensions on the website, due to which the website speeds up and also becomes faster.

Mobile surfing help

It is well known that if the website is running slow, then it becomes very difficult to browse it on mobile, but due to the short loading time of the website from Goole AMP, the website runs on mobile phones with ease.

What are the Disadvantages of AMP?

Advertisement Revenue gets reduced

It is to be understood here that the use of AMP reduces the advertisement of any website, and due to this, the revenue from the advertisement starts decreasing greatly. It can also happen that the owner of the website has to lose earnings.

Harmful for E-Commerce Website

Nowadays everyone accesses the E-Commerce website on their smartphone, all these websites have images instead of text which are used to show the product. All these things are not visible using Google AMP and it directly affects Revenue.

Effect of Cache on Website

Cache has a great role in increasing the performance of any website, but Cache has a negative effect on the website from Google AMP. Because of this, most of the Cache memory is used to store only that website.

The ranking of the website does not matter

If a blogger feels that the use of Google AMP on his website will increase the ranking of his blog or site, then it is absolutely wrong because Google itself said that due to AMP, there is no effect on the ranking of any website.

Website Analytics has a bad effect

It is absolutely true that Google AMP is helpful for the Analytics of the website, but for this AMP, they have to use different types of tags for all the web pages of the website. Because of this, they reduce the usage of the website. This has a direct effect on the website as a bad influence.

We hope you liked this article today and you have important information related to Google AMP. We will also keep sharing information with you on such important topics.


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