What are Google Algorithm Updates, and How Do They Work?

Google Algorithm Updates: These words are not entirely new to those people who are associated with the field of blogging or who are bloggers themselves. Every blogger has to work according to the SEO updates during his tenure, and the same SEO updates are associated with Google Algorithm Updates. Apart from this, bloggers know how to work according to SEO or else all their hard work can be spoiled.

Google algorithms are mainly invented so that SEO rules can be followed properly. Following the rules of SEO means that you should never blog in any wrong way. Because when you work without SEO, even if you get results soon, this thing does not last for long.

If we want to rank our article or blog on Google, then we have to work according to the right methods of SEO because when we upload content or post in an Illegal way, many times they can be ranked in Google very soon. But it will only last for some time.

What is Google’s Algorithm, and How Does it Work?

The main task of the Google Algorithm is to filter or sort, that is, whatever the information the user is looking for, the Google Algorithm has to extract the exact and correct information from the search index and give it to the user immediately.

Whenever search engines search for something, they use a ranking signal before giving any information and show the web page according to the rank. Google Algorithm Updates prohibits the way bloggers, bots, or other logos work through wrong methods.

When Google Algorithm was launched, very few updates were brought by Google at that time, but in recent years, it has been seen that frequent updates are being made by Google many times, so these updates can’t be easily visible. But this does not happen every time because many times, Algorithm Updates are done by Google on such a large scale, which is much more effective.

Google’s Algorithm has many rules, and if a Blogger or Content Writer works on their blog or article by considering them, then their blog is kept on top by Google. Continuous changes are made by Google to Google algorithms so that no one can tamper with them.

Types of Google Algorithm Updates?

Right now, we have read what Google Algorithm is and how it works, but now we will know what the main types of Google Algorithm are. Although Google has a lot of updates, but there are some of them which are very important, let’s know about them.

● Google Panda
● Google Humming Bird
● Google Penguin

Above we have told you about the three major updates of Google Algorithm, now we try to know in detail about these three.

Google Panda

Google Panda is considered an important part of Google Panda Update in Google Algorithm Updates, and its main function is to pay attention to the quality of the content available on the site. These updates have a great impact on those who do not pay much attention to their content, such as Spelling Mistakes, Grammatical Errors, uploading content in the wrong format, etc.

Because of this, the sites where the quality of the content is not right, then because of Google Panda Update, those sites go down a lot in Google. Only those sites that have high-quality content appear at the top. Google Panda Update also does not allow duplicate content to come forward, and they are tagged with the name of duplicate text.

The Google Panda update was launched by Google on 23 February 2011, and when the same thing came to light, these updates focused only on content quality. Many times, it happens that articles or blogs are posted on many sites without any study, and when a user searches keywords on search engines for any information, he cannot get any accurate information.

Google Humming Bird

This update also has a big role in Google Algorithm, its main function is to always have the right web page for any information in the search engine. The idea of ​​the Google Humming Bird update is mainly to understand the search queries of any user and show the corresponding result.

If Google believes, then according to them, Humming Bird updates show more on such sites where the content on them is of high quality, and the user can get accurate and correct answers to their questions on that site. When our content is readable, then it becomes easy to read the Conversational search, and the user starts answering every type of query correctly, all due to the Google Humming Bird update.

In Google Algorithm Update, the Google Humming Bird was launched in 2001, and no one is aware of when updates or changes are made by Google.

Google Penguin Update

Google Penguin Update also has an important contribution to Google Algorithm Update. If it is done for its purpose, then its main function is to check the quality of the link available on the site. This update was implemented by Google on 24 April 2012.

For any sites that have low-quality links, which are from link badges, low-quality directories or blog spam, Google Penguin Update has its effect on such sites. This update does not allow those sites to rank in Google. The main reason behind this is that the sites may not have used the correct methods when linking to those sites, or it may be that the backlinks are not installed, disregarding SEO rules.

People who buy links from outside so that their site starts ranking, but it is considered wrong by Google, and because of that, the site is unable to rank. So always, low-quality links should be removed from your site so that Google Penguin Update will not affect your site.


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