Free Tools to Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users

Twitter is one of the most important social media platforms these days, not only for users but also for Online Marketers. Twitter can be extremely effective in creating your online brand image but also it can increase traffic on your site. When your follower’s counts start increasing then your brands and your opponents will think about your business more wildly. 

Some influencers and marketers are earning millions every year just by leveraging their social media accounts. The Twitter users who label themselves as Digital Marketing Influencers. Marketers and Influencers are using Follow and Unfollow users on Twitter as one of the most widely practised methods to increase followers. You may think that it won’t be the most proper way to boost your Twitter followers but it often helps to clear the inactive users and keep the most active and engaging followers within your community. 

In today’s article, we are going to Inform you about some tools through which you can unfollow inactive Twitter Users. Before we proceed further we will also get to know what the Follow and Unfollow Method is. 

What is the Follow & Unfollow Method?

On Twitter, you can start following the people who are around your area of interest. When you start following more and more users than a specific proportion of those users will follow you back. Here you need to understand that on Twitter there is a threshold of the numbers which you can follow the users. That is why you always need to uphold the proportion by unfollowing those Twitter users who are not following you back. 

Before removing inactive users you also need to keep in mind that you don’t do it very rigorously. Because if you do it aggressively then Twitter might block your account by marking it as a Spam account. If you are following some well-known affiliate marketers then you can use this method oftentimes to increase the Twitter Following. You will discern that by peeking at their following and followers numbers. Now we are going to inform you about the tools that will help you to remove inactive users.

If you want to check your active and inactive users on Twitter then you need to visit your Twitter account. After that click on the profile tab where you will find the users who are following you and the ones whom you are following. 

App Unfollowers

This is a very important and effective tool for Twitter users. This tool is created only to manage your Twitter following. This tool is very quick and simple to get started. When you visit the site of this tool then you will see a selection to log in through your Twitter account. After login, you will see a dashboard from where you can unfollow the inactive users. Apart from unfollowing features this site also offers you several very extensive features like the copy followers feature. 

You can browse the followers of any users only by searching their username and you can also follow them. This will help you to improve your following because those followers are curious about your niche and there are more opportunities that they will follow you back. Below are the top features of App Unfollowers.

  1. Easy One-Click Unfollow Users
  2. Copy Your Competitor’s Followers
  3. Whitelist Accounts that You Never Wish to Unfollow
  4. Blacklist Accounts that You Never Wish to Follow
  5. Complete Statistics


iUnfollow tool was started in 2011 and this is a very useful Twitter follower management tool. Using this tool is very easy. Just log in with your Twitter account which you want to Manage and then start unfollowing the user who is not following you. You can unfollow 50 users in a day with the help of this tool. But if you want to increase these numbers then you can take the premium subscription of this tool which helps you to remove inactive users quickly. The major features of iUnfollow are

  1. History of your account
  2. Quick Tool to Start
  3. Remove 50 Inactive User Per Day in Free Mode
  4. Follow the Users who are Following You


Tweepi tool comes with artificial intelligence and this is the most popular Twitter user management tool. To Follow and Unfollow users you can use this tool. Currently, there are issues in some of its API so there might be some features that won’t work but you can use its other features as it is very useful. To use the Tweepi tool first of all you need to log in to the Tweepi tool with your Twitter account and then set up your account. You can set up the Tweepi account with @hastags and @users relevant to your topic of interest. 

Tweepi monitors Twitter to find adequate tweets and users to amuse. Raise your Twitter account by as much as 100 new followers a day! Don’t forget that appropriate tweets matter. 


This tool is very useful and another way of using the Twitter Account Management Tool. Circleboom offers you the choice to find and follow pertinent Twitter profiles which are most likely to follow you back. Circleboom tools come with unfollow tools to unfollow those users who are not active and not following you back. This Twitter Account Management Tool offers you a very quick summary of your Twitter account. 

There are a few main options available from the dashboard which are mentioned below.

  1. Tools to Increase Followers
  2. Find Users and Hashtags
  3. Easy to Use the Unfollow Option
  4. Option to Schedule Tweets


This is just not a Twitter Account Management Tool but it is a complete social media user management mechanism. With this Twitter Mass Unfollow Tool, you can get several very useful tools to manage your Twitter account. Audiense gives you the option to create a tailored audience on your Twitter Account to increase the conversion. This powerful tool comes with comprehensive analytics to make an informed decision. Below mentioned are important features of this powerful tool.

  1. Easy to Use Mass Unfollow Tool
  2. Twitter Direct Message Option With Chatbots
  3. Complete Monitoring of Your Account

Unfollower Stats

This Is another very powerful and handy Twitter Account Management Tool. Unfollower Stats procured you with a very fast option to keep a track of your followers. With Unfollower Stats you can keep a track of all the Twitter users who are not following you back. This tool is very free to utilize. You can easily find inactive followers and you can consider unfollowing them. 

Unfollower Stats brings a great looking easy to use user dashboard with all the data and knowledge to assist you to keep your Twitter account beneficial. There are a few major benefits of these Unfollower Stats. 

  1. Unfollower Stats Tools comes with Complete Follower and Unfollower Data
  2. This tool has a very easy to use dashboard along with complete data
  3. This tool is free to get started.


This Twitter Account Management Tool is also a very handy Twitter Management Application that you can use to maintain track of your Twitter Followers and always make sure that you have the right type of Followers and not any spam accounts. This is a free web-based application tool and you can use this Unfollowspy tool by logging in with your Twitter Account and starting monitoring your followers.

When you log in with your Twitter account you can see all the users who are not following you back on Twitter. You can click on the number to see all the users and you can make your decision as if you want to not follow these users.  Below mentioned are the most important points of this powerful tool.

  1. Unfollowspy is free to use
  2. Unfollowspy helps you to remove the spam accounts on Twitter.
  3. Unfollowspy is providing No Follow users data who are not following you back


Earlier this powerful tool was known as Crowdfire and this is one of the fines Twitter Account Management Tool is available for Twitter. You can either Follow or Unfollow 25 users every day by using this Crowdfire tool. It may sound like a restriction for a large account but if your Twitter Account has not many users then this can be a very useful tool for you.  But in any case, you want to increase this limit then you can upgrade it to a paid plan of Crowdfire.

Conclusion On Unfollow Inactive Twitter Users

Follow and Unfollow techniques may not be very significant and fascinating when you have a powerful Twitter account with a lot of Followers. However, if you are beginning a new Twitter Account then this exercise can help you to an enormous extent.

We have informed you of the 8 best tools to remove inactive users from your Twitter account. These tools are extremely reasonably sufficient to manage and grow your Twitter account quickly. We hope that you find this article very useful and you will learn lots of things from this article. 


What are the inactive users on Twitter?

Those Twitter users you follow but don’t follow you back, are called Inactive users.

Are there any tools available to remove inactive users from Twitter accounts?

Yes, there are many tools available to remove inactive users.

Are these tools free or paid?

Almost every tool is free to use, while there are paid plans also available to use the premium feature. 


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