SEO Checklist For New Website – Don’t Skip

If you are going to start your site, you want to know the top SEO checklist for a new website. So SEO is not a simple task; let’s start from the beginning. It is not a single task It is a bunch of different tasks that we need to follow a continuous basis.

In other words, SEO is not a one-time work. It is an ongoing process. Even if you reach your goal, it does not matter – you still need to engage with SEO. So if you are going to start your blog or website, we have a gift for you, Yes your right a complete top SEO checklist for new website that will easy your SEO journey!

1. Google Analytics

Top SEO Checklist For New Website

Being one of the most popular tools for analyzing your website traffic, Google Analytics is a common trend tool for digital marketers like the Google search engine. The best part is using the Google brand name, and it is simple! It is a free tool, and it also gives you terrific information about your website traffic. It shows complete reports like your visitors’ location and sources they are coming to your blog from. Google Analytics deserved to be at the top of our top SEO checklist for a new website!

2. Google Search Console

SEO Checklist For Website

When you hear about SEO’s need for search engines, then you must know about Webmaster Tools. Yes, you are right; Google has changed its name from Webmaster Tools to Google Console Search, another free tool by Google in our SEO checklist that will give you a lot of important information about your webpage and its performance in the organic search results. It will also alert you via notification email when there are any indexing issues (like 404), etc.

3. SEO Plugin

Top SEO Checklist For New Website

This is only for my friend who uses WordPress (CMS) as your website platform. Yes, WordPress I think most of you use this CMS for your blogging and website making I am also using it and I love it. WordPress is really easy to use, and it is only for the help of its plugins. So, for SEO, I really recommend Rank Math & Yoast SEO plugins for WordPress. these plugins will help you optimize and analyze your web pages and blog content in a simple way.

So, if you are using WordPress, then you must go with these plugins from an SEO point of view. Because of its terrific features, it will be in our top SEO checklist for new websites!

4. Keywords

Top SEO Checklist For New Website

Keywords are the backbone of SEO, so you need to think about ranking on the Google search page to target potential customers. You must have an idea about how to search my keyword and which page will rank on search platforms. Don’t go panic there are multiple tools available, you need only knowledge to use these tools for better keyword research. What I recommend to you is always go for long-tail keywords like: ” best digital marking company in India”.

Here are some online tools for keyword research:
Google Adwords Keyword Planner

5. Backlinks

Top SEO Checklist For New Website

Another major point in terms of SEO is to generate a backlink for your website. First of all, who doesn’t know what a backlink is? In simple words, backlinks are nothing but links to your sites from another. There are two types of backlinks: 1. Dofollow and 2. Nofollow.
Dofollow: means someone recommends your site through their backlink that is genuine or reliable.
Nofollow: means someone recommends your site through their backlink, but there is no guarantee it is genuine.

So, start creating backlinks for your website through guest writing and many other ways.

6. XML Sitemap and robots.txt File

Top SEO Checklist For New Website

I think you all know about these two files: XML sitemaps and robots.txt. Yes, these two play a big role in SEO. With the help of this, search engines can easily navigate through your website when crawling it and know the structure of the website. What you need to do is submit both files to the Google Console Search tool for approval. Lots of generating tools are available in the market. It is very easy to do and submit, but remember, once again, it is very important. If you are on WordPress and use the above-listed plugins, then don’t worry about that because the plugin can generate the XML sitemap of the website automatically.

7. Analyzed Your Competitors

Top SEO Checklist For New Website

Now, the final one in our top SEO checklist for new websites is how to analyze your competitors. When you start, you must think about your competitors in the same way if you want to rank on Google through SEO. Then first of all you must know about the competitors.

Did you know your competitors in the digital market? If not, you need to worry about and find out about them, and even if you do know, you need to do your regular analysis. If you understand the strategy of your competitors, you have to rank higher than them. What do you need to track from where your competitors are getting their backlinks? You can work on this to generate backlinks like similar websites.

Here are some web tools which I recommend:



For this article, I recommend that you use every part of your website’s SEO. Because everyone plays their role silently in the game of SEO.

That’s it, for my top SEO checklist for new website, keep reading for your better life thanks.


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