Top Free Resources to Help You with Your Marketing Game!

Technology evolves at a rapid pace! Along with frequent technological changes, marketing strategies are also improving. If you wish to keep up with these changes, it is important for you to educate yourself with the most recent elements in the game. Well, not all effective resources are expensive. Some can be free too! And, this post focuses on these free resources. As you start mastering these materials, you will be able to build a better presence on the internet. So, let’s get started.

The Google Analytics Academy

free resources marketing game

One of the key players in online marketing would be Google. For starters, you cannot complete your marketing strategy without Google! It always begins and ends here. The Google Analytics Academy is a great tool for understanding how app data and websites work. This information is important when you want to reach a bigger group of target audiences. The course offers everything you need to know about Google Analytics. The classes become stronger, and more interesting as time passes. Above all, this academy keeps improving and updating its content periodically.

Academy for Advertisements

Another important training site for marketing would be “Academy for Ads”. This involves courses on shopping, video, display and search campaigns. The course ventures into topics beyond traditional Google Ads. For instance, you have many topics on Google’s Web Designer, My Business and Marketing Platforms. Once you complete the online program, you will receive a personalized certificate.

Blueprint by Facebook

Another key player in the world of online marketing would be Facebook. Most of Facebook’s trainings come with certifications. Well, BluePrint is all about Facebook’s Business Manager. Here, you will find a dozen courses for every kind of goal. Regardless of how picky your needs are, there will be a program in BluePrint.

All the courses offered on this platform are free. The most interesting ones include building awareness, advanced buying methods, picking target audiences, boosting leads, driving consideration, boosting online sales, and managing advertisements, all about ad formats and methods for monetizing your assets. These are just a few of the very many courses on this platform.

Now, these materials are absolutely free. But, you need to pay a fee for the examination.

free resources marketing game

HubSpot Academy

Moving on, you have plenty of materials on CRM, sales, email marketing and content marketing in HubSpot. These are practical and spontaneous courses that are completely up-to-date. The materials are conveyed in a prompt manner. This means you don’t need to waste much of your time on these programs. Above all, you will receive a cool certificate from HubSpot once you complete a course.

Think With Google

Another resource from the giant search engine would be “Think With Google”. This is an exquisite blog that focuses on digital strategies. You will gain news about the latest trends, and some of the town’s best practices. The topics are carefully backed with insightful real-time scenarios.

PPC University

free resources marketing game

Last but certainly not least, you have PPC University to master the art behind search marketing. This course is in conjunction with WordStream. There are tons of posts on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, lead generation and more!


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