Top 5 WordPress Security Plugins to Protect Your Site

We are living in a digital world where everything is digitalized, from shopping to education. Most people use the website for different types of purposes. While making a new website, always keep in mind that the website never faces any kind of serious problem, so most people prefer WordPress to build a website. WordPress provides security for your website and is a very useful tool.

It is very important to use any security tool to keep your website safe, and this will also help make your website a successful one. We also required Plugins for our website. In today’s article, we will get to know why we require Plugins for our websites and which WordPress Security Plugins are the best for our website.

Why WordPress Security Plugins is Important?

You must be thinking that if your site is working perfectly, then why would you require Security Plugins? So you should know this as on any website, a spammer attacks an average of 44 times a day, and just think, if only 1 attack out of those attacks is successful, then what major damage can happen to your website? That is why you require a WordPress Security Plugin for the safety of your website.

While starting a website for any type of purpose, your top priority should be to use WordPress Security Plugins for the website. If any cyber attack or scam attacks your website, then what can happen?

  • Online Criminals are so efficient, and they can easily steal your and your Customer’s data from the website.
  • The details related to your business and your clients can be accessed by scammers.
  • The Spammer can also delete the content from your website.
  • The attackers can send the malware data to your Customers whose details are available on the website, and this can lead to defaming your branding and impact your SEO Ranking.
  • If Someone hacks your WordPress website, then it could be a very difficult and more expensive task to recover the website.

So, by now, you must have understood why we require WordPress Security Plugins for our website. Now, we will inform you about the best WordPress Security Plugins for websites.

Which are the Best WordPress Security Plugins?

Searching for the best WordPress Security Plugins for your website can be a difficult task as there are various WordPress Security Plugins available, and all of them are different from each other based on their features & usage. But you need not worry as we are presenting the top 5 best WordPress Security Plugins for your website, and you can easily choose between them as to which one suits you best.

1. Sucuri

If you speak about the best and free WordPress Security Plugins, then Sucuri tops the list. The Sucuri is the best among all the WordPress Security Plugins due to its excellent features, and it is also a very famous platform amongst users. Although Sucuri is the best WordPress security plugin, there is a pro version of Sucuri, which is also available. The Pro version is an advanced version of the basic version. It is highly recommended that every website owner should use this. Below are a few advantages of Sucuri.

  • If there is any type of Malware on your website, then Sucuri can remove the Malware from your website without any additional charges.
  • Sucuri can easily be set up in your WordPress dashboard.
  • Through Sucuri, you can easily conduct Malware Scanning, and if any is found, then it will be removed.
  • It can also stop the malicious attack on your website.

2. iThemes Security Pro

This is very familiar to WordPress users as these plugins have been created by the same team that created the popular BackupBuddy plugins. iThemes Pro Plugins has a very easy interface for the users, and it also has brute security protection. Its main features are mentioned below:

  • It has scheduled WordPress Backups.
  • These security Plugins have a special feature to limit unknown attempts.
  • iThemes always look for any suspicious IP and scans for danger to your site and never gives access to those IPs.
  • It also has Two-Factor authentication that provides an extra layer of security.

3. Jetpack

Jetpack comes on number 3 when we talk about the best WordPress Security Plugins. You can easily scan your website through WordPress Plugins, and to date, it has more than 5 million active installs.

  • It has real-time backup, and it saves every change you make to your website.
  • You can easily restore your site back online with 1 click.
  • It keeps updating your WordPress Plugins regularly and also informs you that the latest version of WordPress Plugins is used by the Customer.
  • This can also provide you with an activity log so that you can know who has broken your site.

4. WPScan

WPScan has been serving users since 2012, and it helps users keep their websites safe. WPScan works by dividing the different known threats into different categories and also informing you.

  • It has automated scans on a daily basis for malicious code.
  • It has a feature for E-Mail notifications.
  • It is an open-source tool and comes with unique functionality that can be used to scan remote WordPress installations to raise any kind of security threat.

5. Wordfence

Wordfence has some amazing features that can protect your WordPress site from any kind of threat, and it is also a WordPress Security plugin. You can also use a basic version of Wordfence without spending any penny.

  • The basic version of Wordfence is absolutely free, and you can use it for as many sites as you want.
  • If your password has been compromised or breached, then it can alert you about the same so that you can change your password and make it stronger.
  • It also provides protection from brute force attacks by restricting failed login attempts.
  • By using the Pro version of Wordfence, you can track all of your sites from a single dashboard.

Hope you have received very important information from today’s article.

Therefore, choose your plugin and secure your WordPress website.

Thanks for reading; please share your opinion in the comments section.


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