Top 5 Google AdSense Alternatives in India

Various people want to earn money through the Monetization of their vlog, Blog or YouTube channel. Google AdSense plays an important role in monetizing. If you are a new blogger and you have just started blogging then taking approval from Google will be a tedious task. The terms & conditions of Google AdSense are very strict and following them is a very difficult task for a new blogger.

If your Google AdSense gets rejected then you will be required to find a Google AdSense alternative who can pay you as Google AdSense pays you. Nowadays there are many Advertising Networks available on the internet that provide you with the facility of Monetization. In today’s article, we will inform you of the best Google AdSense Alternatives in India. This will provide you the important information.

Top 5 Google AdSense Alternatives : is an advertising network of Bing & Yahoo and it is similar to Google Adsense ad network. If you are an English content creator and there is more traffic on your website through US and UK the can be a good option for you. Lots of users are using and earning attractive money. If we speak about approval then getting approval on is very easy.

On only English blogs get approved because Bing & Yahoo doesn’t support Hindi content so they won’t approve Hindi Content here. The speciality of is, it will show ads accordingly to tour blog or content. So it can be a better for you for Google AdSense alternatives.


Chitika Ad network is the best for Beginner bloggers and the requirement of this advertising network is very minimal. Chitika approves Hindi & English content both. The approval process of this Ad Network is very fast and it approves your blog very quickly. Chitika provides very good Ads for your blogs.

You can also customize the Ads of Chitika, like Setting Size Facility. This type of feature doesn’t support by various Ads Network. The Payment system of Chitika is good and it makes your payment as soon as it completes $10. You should have a Pay Pal account to receive payment from Chitika. It doesn’t support Adult or spam content.


Infolinks is an Ad Network that is based on CPM & CPA and it works similar to Google Adsense. Also, Infolinks pays you to like Google Adsense. The best part of Infolinks is that their Ads didn’t take too much space and perfectly shows on your blog. Infolinks is best for Hindi & English blogs and approves very fast.

By using Infolinks you don’t need to run too many Ad Codes because it gives you Ad code at the time of blog approval. It also provides you with the proper way to set it up, then you just need to add an ad on your blog. When your account gets approved by Infolinks then automatically the ads will show in your blogs and your earning will start. Like Chitika, Infolinks also don’t support Spam and adult content.


RevenueHits is also one of the best Ad networks and currently, more than 20,000 bloggers are using this platform. RevenueHits is also very best in providing Ads on blogs. It also pays you on CPM so if you are not getting more clicks, still, you will earn money by Ad Views. RevenueHits support all kinds of blogs so you won’t face any kind of problem while joining this Ad Network.

You need to create your account on RevenueHits very properly and when your account gets approved then you can put ads in blogs to earn money. This is also considered the best alternative to Google AdSense.

Amazon Associates

Amazon is a very well known name in the shopping industry. Amazon sells every type of product so you can earn money by monetizing your blogs through Amazon. If you want to earn through Amazon Associates then your blogs should be based on products so that you can easily get the viewers who are interested in Amazon products. You can also earn by putting Amazon’s Banner Ads, Sidebar Ads on your blog.

Amazon doesn’t pay on CPC or CPM but Amazon pays you according to the sale. The more people shop on Amazon through your blog the Higher-income you will earn. If your blog is based on Health, Food, Gadget then the chances of getting approval will be higher.


In today’s article, we inform you about the best Ad Network who are the best alternate of Google Adsense. We hope you get the best & important information regarding earning through the motivation of blogs. There are many other Ad Networks that are alternate of Google AdSense but we have informed you of the best one too. So what are you waiting for just start blogging and earning.


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