Top 10 Reasons You Should Opt for MilesWeb’s Shared Hosting Plan

With so many options to choose from, deciding on a web hosting company for your website becomes a tedious task. There are a variety of companies you can choose from.There comes a point when you want to know whether you’re picking the appropriate firm, and you have queries like if the pricing is reasonable, if the firm is trustworthy, and so on.

When it comes to MilesWeb you do not have to worry about any of the questions you have. They have affordable plans, they’re one of the most reliable web hosting companies and the team helps you genuinely find the perfect plan depending on the nature of your business.

As a beginner who has just started blogging or wants to take their offline business online or a startup, you are suggested to go for the shared hosting plan.

About MilesWeb    

MilesWeb, a web hosting company started in 2012, is an Indian company with data centers in the US, UK, India, Australia, Singapore and Canada and is still one of the most promising yet affordable hosting companies.

They provide

  • Managed and Self-managed WordPress Hosting
  • Shared hosting (Windows/ Linux)
  • Cheap Reseller hosting (Linux/Windows)
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Managed and Self-managed VPS Hosting (Windows/Linux)
  • Domain Registration
  • Cloud Server Hosting

Numerically, MilesWeb has 30,000+ happy customers and is adding every day.

Shared Hosting at MilesWeb

Shared hosting refers to sharing a server with other websites to cut costs of having a dedicated server unnecessarily. Most websites don’t need a dedicated server because the amount of server space they need is not much. Bloggers, startups and new online businesses generally look for affordable hosting and MilesWeb provides you with the same.

At MilesWeb you get to choose between three plans,

  • Tyro (Rs.40 per month)
  • Swift (Rs.130 per month)
  • Turbo(Rs.170 per month)

Reasons why you should choose milesweb

  1. Affordability and Discount Coupons

When buying a web hosting service for a new business, one thing everyone puts as a priority is price. Everyone tries to find the best service at the least price and that is exactly what you get at MilesWeb. Their prices are much lower than any other hosting provider and still, every plan has as many basic services as possible. With the base pack at just Rs.40 per month, MilesWeb is the ideal web hosting provider for you at the most economical prices.

MilesWeb provides huge discounts on their cheap shared hosting plans. You get 80% off on buying a 3 year hosting plan. Not only this, but they also have occasional discounts on festivals and holiday seasons. These discounts make it even more affordable as you may get as much as a 50% discount on the actual price. You should also check their cpanel hosting plans.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

Although it won’t be needed, MilesWeb gives you a 30-day money-back policy. Here if for some reason you aren’t fully satisfied with the company’s service, then within 30 days you can cancel the subscription and you will get your payment back. You will have to cancel the subscription before the first 30 days of purchase to get a full refund.

  • 24/7/365 Support

To ensure a great customer experience, MilesWeb provides 24/7 expert technical support. At any given time you can contact them with any doubt of yours. It may be a minor inconvenience or something major you can get it solved easily. Good technical support is an important factor to consider before finalizing a hosting company because every moment is precious in a new work environment, and you’d not want a minor issue to tamper with your customer relations or ruin your workday.

  • Knowledgebase and FAQ

For every question, query or problem of yours, MilesWeb already has a solution present. There are articles, blogs, videos present for you to help you out with your problems.

If these don’t feel enough, you can always ask for a live chat with the technical team which is there to help you 24/7. And even if then your problem persists, you can raise a ticket and ask for a solution fromthe technical assistant.

  • Uptime

MilesWeb promises an uptime of 99.95%. For a webserver a downtime of a few seconds is common, but if it exceeds a few minutes, it might be a huge loss for the website. A high uptime helps to create a good reputation for your brand and a stable online presence too.

  • Free Website Migration and Domain

It may so happen that you are not satisfied with your current host and choose to now change from them to MilesWeb. The MilesWeb team allows you to move from your old host to MilesWeb without additional charges.

You don’t need to waste your time downloading all your files from the previous host and uploading it to the MilesWeb server.

Talking about free add-ons, you also get a minimum of one free domain with every hosting plan.

  • Malware Scan and Removal

It is frustrating to be a victim of a hacked site and hence a regular check is kept on your site and it is scanned for viruses and malware daily. MilesWeb’s malware removal tool prevents your site from any such threats. Yet if any malware or viruses found are fixed immediately.

  • Data Center Choice

Choosing a datacenter is beneficial for your site’s speed. The nearer your data center is from you, the better is the load time. At MilesWeb you get to choose your preferred data center from multiple server locations.

  • SSD Storage

At MilesWeb, all severs are integrated with SSD disk, which means, all the websites hosted on MilesWeb’s servers will run from SSD storage. SSDs are a faster system than traditional hard drives. These SSD-based servers give up to 200% faster-performing websites.

  1. One-Click Install

Easily install WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, Drupal and 400 more, with just one click. You don’t have to waste longer hours to install apps you need on your hosting account. MilesWeb uses a Softaculous installer for speeding up the installing process.


Deciding which web host to choose can get tiring. Hope this has made your choice easier. With all the benefits that MilesWeb gives, it is undoubtedly the best web hosting company for you. They provide you with extraordinary features at affordable rates.


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