Top 3 Tools for Digital Marketers Should Know About

Surviving in the world of digital marketing is not easy. It is a hard role, which demands many skills. Most of the time, you will be chasing far-end goals. Or, you will be tightly bound by customer engagement meetings. Working as an SEO specialist, active socialist and tea maker is no joke.

Fortunately, you are not alone. There are thousands of marketers in this industry. And, all of them are going through a similar experience. To be successful and a step ahead in Marketing, you need certain tools. In this post, you will read about three reliable tools that can make a difference in your career.

Tool 1: Snipy

The primary goal of Snipy is to drive more traffic to your website. It helps in boosting conversion rates. Technically, this is a reliable link-shortening tool.

Top 3 Tools for Digital Marketers

When to Use: Snipy works well when you share content from other websites on your page. Using these links, you can redirect traffic to your site or landing page. Snipy creates a banner that users can click.

How it works: Snipy can be used on your website, and in any other third-party site. Before you introduce the Snip to your site, paste it in Snipy. Soon, Snipy will give you an account of the traffic witnessed by the snip. Conversions and clicks are tracked for each snip.

Price: Snip comes in two variants. You have the free version and a package for 19 USD.

Tool 2: BuzzSumo

This is another stunning tool for digital marketers. BuzzSumo is a content management program. It identifies topics that are performing well in your niche industry. Also, it helps in tracking the performance of your content.

When to Use: This tool can be used to gather ideas for your next blog. Not all topics in your industry will work well. It can also be used to measure the progress of your content in the past six months. Everything from the number of shares to the length of views can be recorded.

Top 3 Tools for Digital Marketers

How to use: First, you need an account with BuzzSumo. Then, enter the domain and keywords of interest. Now, you will be given a list of topics that are trending in the industry.

Price: You can opt for the Pro Plan, which costs 99 Euros per month. Of course, there are advanced plans for corporate users.

Tool 3: Unbounce 

Unbounce is a professional site for designing and developing landing pages. It can also be used to perform A/B tests on your website.

When to use: Unbounce is a useful tool for companies that don’t have in-house web developers. You can build, customize and publish pages without any hassles or tussles. Since the tool acts as a platform for measuring performance, you can make quick modifications to your site.

Top 3 Tools for Digital Marketers

How to use: Unbounce has a simple drag and drop interface. You don’t need to know HTML. The design you create in Unbounce depends on what you have in mind.

Price: Unbounce has a pro plan for 199 Euro per month. It allows users to created unlimited landing pages. There are special corporate plans for businesses.


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