Top 4 Tips for Increasing Your Organic Reach

Every year, the online industry gets busier! There are more businesses, newer groups and excited individuals in the market.

Yet, one thing has remained the same. If you want your online venture to become a hit, you need to have a high rank in search engines. Google is a high-priority search engine for businesses.

Unless your business finds a spot in the first few pages, it will not be seen by a majority of the world. If your business website moves to the second page in Google’s search results, its traffic will drop by 95%.

With this being said, here are few tips on how to increase your site’s organic reach.

Be Specific About the Site’s Design

First things first, you need to be keen on the site’s overall design. The design of your website plays a very important role in organic search results. It is a powerful tool for prominent SEO results. A website that is designed to be appealing will be admired by the web crawler and your customers. The moment Google’s web crawler explores your site, there are a few things it looks for:

  • Is the website easy to navigate?
  • Is the website mobile responsive?
  • Does the site have duplicate content?
  • Does the site match with your domain name?
  • Is the site designed with text-based indexing?
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Content is Important!

The quality of your content will take your site a very long way. Organic search results depend strongly on content quality. Before Google launched the Panda Algorithm (founded in 2011), you had the freedom to tinker with your site. Businesses were able to introduce duplicate content. And they would manage to find a place on the search result page. With the advent of the Panda Algorithm, these days are gone and lost.

Today, if your site needs a rank, it has to be filled with rich, high-quality content. The content should have the right mix of keywords and phrases. When you put together good content, you need to ensure that there are no duplicates.

Increasing Your Organic Reach on Search

Before you develop content for your website, you need to build a strong attitude. This will help you establish a firmer brand in the online market.

Never Ignore Meta Descriptions

Moving on, you need to focus on meta descriptions. Businesses that want to organically improve their presence in search engines need to use meta descriptions. These descriptions are much more relevant than what you could imagine.

Meta descriptions are small blocks of text that appear below the URL and the title. You will find them on Google’s search results page. The meta description has to be created with target keywords. With this, Google will be able to boost your search result ranking. Also, this will increase the odds of your site being visited.

High-Quality Links

Finally, your website needs high-quality links. This is what Google truly admires! Internal links that connect your website pages together should be flawless. These links are required to make your website easy to access and navigate. Good links always inspire Google to improve your online ranking.


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