These 5 Tricks Will Make Your Old Phone New

Nowadays, the phone has become a part of human identity. We use our phones for everything, be it work, study, entertainment or just spending time.

But, if we misuse our phone then it can get damaged quickly. If your phone has become old and you are bored with it, then do not panic. Here we are telling you about some such things, which will make you feel that your phone is new…

1. Update the phone, then see the newness

Updating your phone is the easiest and most effective way to keep it looking new. Updating your phone’s operating system brings new features to your phone, making it faster and better. Additionally, updates usually contain security patches that protect your phone from attacks by hackers.

2. Give your phone a new look with a new launcher

There is a lot of scope for customization in Android phones. You can change your phone’s home screen, app drawer, icons, and other things to your liking. There are many good launcher apps available on the Google Play Store. Like- Nova Launcher, Action Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, Apex Launcher, Smart Launcher.

3. Clear data

You should also delete unnecessary media files, unnecessary apps, and cached data from your phone. Unnecessary media files include photos, videos, music, and other files on your phone. If you do not use these files, delete them. This will free up storage space on your phone and the phone will work faster.

4. Replace battery

Often users consider their phone old and replace it. But it’s not like that. Many times this happens just because the phone’s battery is bad. If your phone’s battery is damaged, you can easily get it replaced. With this, your phone will become like new again.

5. Reset phone

If you want to give a new look to your phone, you can factory reset it once. This will delete all the files, apps, and settings in your phone, and your phone will become like new again.


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