Need Of Telepresence Solutions Development

With so many free or affordable business video conferencing solutions available it is worth considering whether you need telepresence solutions for your business. Consider the following.

Video conferencing

The recent ongoing Covid 19 outbreak resulted in remote working and a large push towards the use of video conferencing software. However, while this is useful for interactions there are areas where the quality of video falls short. You can see each other face to face. If it is a large group then it may be difficult to make out individual faces in a conference. This is just one drawback of standard video available when you go this route. Telepresence solutions offer far more.


Telepresence offers full HD experience. Participants have to fiddle less with controls and can focus more on the ongoing interaction. You can see just how ideal this is for executives, especially those who are not tech savvy and are likely to hold up proceedings when they cannot find the appropriate button to take a certain action.

There is more to telepresence: higher resolution means you can display documents with small print with no apprehensions about clarity. Talking of clarity, the entire telepresence solution is tailored to handle varying internet bandwidths and speed as well as assure audio clarity receives precedence. You actually have a video system in place you will love to use. It needs experts in telepresence development to fit the solution to your needs but once it is there you will make more use of it for business as well as team collaboration and training.

Given just how affordable telepresence development by some lesser known companies has become in recent times, there is no reason to rely on video conferencing. This custom development costs far less than what you pay for proprietary solutions from brands like Cisco and you get a solution fitting in precisely with your business operations.

Custom telepresence development

Talking about custom telepresence solutions, you will find these far better and more affordable when you engage companies that are not so famous but whose technical competence in telepresence solution is no less. You are not paying for company name and their high overheads; you pay for competence.

Telepresence options

Telepresence development is interesting and offers options. The convention, when one talks about telepresence solutions, is to allocate space and modify it to suit acoustics. You rely on hardware just as much as you do on software. If this route appeals to you then you can reserve a room and outfit it with large screens, high quality acoustics, high quality video cameras, hardware and lighting. Software supports the hardware. However, conferencing is more casual these days, often taking place remotely. This means there is more emphasis on telepresence software development to make sure it works on any device and from anywhere and on any type of internet connection.  Still, it is good to know you can opt for immersive telepresence or adaptive, whichever suits you.

Employees could be working at their desks and using video cameras and laptop or their smartphone to engage in a telepresence meeting. They can be at home or on the road. The software makes conferencing easy irrespective of which device is in use. Then there are small but nifty features such as an intelligent camera following head movements or the software automatically switching camera to the person who is speaking.

Even more important is that managing and running a conference through the telepresence software becomes intuitive. Productivity gains alone compensate for the investment you make in telepresence solution development.

The world is going to stay remote

There is no saying when the pandemic will end. Even when it does the concept of remote work will be so firmly entrenched (and found profitable) that it could well become a norm. Why tolerate make-shift video conference solutions with their constant niggles that irritate and cause delays? Plan for and implement telepresence solutions now.

Presence, the vital factor

Telepresence conveys the impression of presence, the feeling of a person to person interaction, which can be vital when you are negotiating a business deal or conducting online training. If, for instance, you wish to appear businesslike and make an impression, then conference is best conducted from inside a room that is fitted out to resemble conference halls. High resolution cameras and large screens, if they are employed at both ends, virtually recreate the “live” presence feeling. At other times it may be sufficient simply to be able to see who you are talking with, such as during exchange of documents. On the topic of documents, the high resolution video quality makes it easy to read documents on the screen and annotate or collaborate on it.

This is just the beginning. Video can blend in augmented reality and virtual reality, raising the quality of conference to greater heights. For example, while you are expounding on your manufacturing capabilities the screen can take your customers through a guided tour of your factory. This is but one exciting future possibility. Once you have in place a suitable telepresence solution then your telepresence solution development experts can keep adding more features that ultimately help your business to flourish. Yes, in conclusion, you do need telepresence for now and the future.


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