Best 5 Stock Trading App for Beginners

If anyone is looking for an investment option then Stock Trading can be very useful for you. A few years ago it was not an easy task to trade shares but now these days thanks to technology we can easily sell and buy any stocks as per our requirements. At present times there are many Stock Trading App are available from where anyone can do stock trading and if you are a beginner then you can easily understand and learn the concept of Stock Trading with these Stock Trading App.

In today’s topic, we are going to inform you about the best 5 Stock Trading Apps in India specially for beginners. We all know that before starting trading you need to understand the Stocks & Share Market and for the same, you can easily use any of the Stock Trading App.

What is the Share Market?

Share Market or Stock Market is a place where people buy & sell the stocks or shares of different companies. There is risk involved in share trading as sometimes you get huge benefits in stock trading while sometimes you may face loss. When you purchase stocks of any company then you get the partnership of the company for the same percentage.

What are Stock Trading Apps?

Stock Trading Apps are like other mobile apps. Through these apps, you can trade in the stock market. Apart from trading, these Stock Trading Apps give you Market News, Research Reports. Also, you get different share prices so that you can take a decisive decision while trading in the market. You can invest in IPO, Mutual Funds, Commodity and Gold with Stock Trading Apps. Stock Trading Apps provides you with real-time processing so that you can easily monitor the performance of your shares.

Things to Keep In Mind While Choosing Stock Trading Apps

Before choosing any Stock Trading Apps you must keep a few things in your mind so that your investments remain safe and secure.

  • Reliability– Before making any investment you should check the reliability and credibility of the mobile apps. You should research the security of Stock trading apps. Also, you can check the reviews of existing users for your better understanding.
  • User-Friendly Interface– If the interface of the trading app is very complex then it can be a very tedious task to invest in. So, you always prefer the stock trading app which has a user-friendly interface.
  • Charges & Fees– Stock Trading Apps charge you a fee for stock trading. Before proceeding further you should check the fees so that you get the best benefits from the app without any hassle.

Top 5 Best Stock Trading Apps

Upstox Trading App

Upstox is one of the best trading apps in India and it provides a single platform for investing in Mutual Funds, Digital Gold, IPO, NFO and Stocks Market. Upstox is a fast and secure Trading App and provides you with an Easy Trading Platform. Upstox is a low-cost trading app and you can download this app free from the play store. With Upstox you can open a free Demat Trading account and the process to open a Demat Account is paperless.

Angel Broking App

Angel Broking App is another very best Stock Trading app in India and you can easily trade stocks through it. In Angel Broking Apps there are more than 40 features like technical indicators, Sensible and Smartbuzz which provides the latest market news to the traders. Angel Broking App established itself as a Trusted Web Trading Platform, Trading Terminal, Robo Advisory Platform and Mutual Fund Web Application.

The user interface of the Angel Broking App is very stunning and it also has Best-in-class creativity so that users feel very easy to use it.

5 Paisa Trading App

5 Paisa Trading App gives you the benefit of Discount Brokers to Traders and Investors. It has auto investor and technical analysis features which help users to make an informed decision while trading. 5 Paisa has Money Cutting Technology which gives you Low-Cost Brokerage Services. The interface of 5 Paisa is very simple and it also provides high security for its users.

This is one of the most trusted trading apps and also it is very popular amongst its users.

Groww Trading App

Groww is also a very popular Online Trading App and it is easily available for Android and Apple smartphone users. Anyone can download the Groww app for free and with this app, we can deal in BSE and NSE. Apart from stocks, Groww permits you to invest in Mutual Funds, Digital Gold, IPO and other essential commodities. 

ShareKhan: Share Market App

Currently Sharekhan is India’s fourth-largest brokerage company in India, so the Sharekhan Trading App is also very popular. Sharekhan provides you with the various categories for investment and also you can deal in Stock Market Securities, Loan against shares and ESOP financing.  Sharekhan helps traders and investors to keep an eye on their portfolio, trading Stocks and mutual funds.


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