Top 10 Speed Optimization WordPress Plugins

Want to speed up your WordPress blog? Try these Top Speed Optimization WordPress Plugins.

Speed is all know that one of the most important ranking factors according to google. If your Blog not loading fast then you are losing your traffic and valuable traffic. If you want your readers to stay more on your blog then you have to Increase WordPress Speed.

Research says that a website that takes 1 extra second to load can lose 7% of conversions – Kissmetrics.

If your speed ll not increasing then probably your WordPress hosting making problems. Hope you are using good hosting for your blog. If not or you are using any cheap hosting then these Speed Optimization WordPress Plugins ll not help you.

I recommend you to move your blog to another good hosting. Try inmotion I am using for this blog. One of the popular and affordable WordPress hosting.

Without a good hosting your blog ll never load faster and smoother.

1: W3 Total Cache:

W3TC Banner

Caching is one of the most important and must need for your WordPress site. This ll help you to boost your site and your site ll load very site.

Many hostings providing caching in their plans so you don’t need any cache plugin for this task.

What is cache I know you want to ask so let me tell you Every time someone visits a website, your browser downloads all the images, CSS files, JavaScripts etc in a temporary folder to enhance the website experience.

So when a user goes to the next page, the site will load much faster because all the static files are in their browser cache.

So when a user goes to the next page, the site will load much faster because all the static files are in their browser cache.

Browser Cache option in W3 Total Cache sets a time limit on the Browser Cache. Considering you don’t change your logo every day, having static files like that cached for 24 hours does not hurt you.

W3 Total Cache is one of the most popular WordPress plugins and took first place in this post Speed Optimization WordPress Plugins. This plugin ll helps you to set up proper cache in your blog.

This plugin ll give you many options to optimize your site but for new users, this is litter complicated thing but after proper setup, this is really helpful.

Download W3TC

2: WP Smushit:

Wp smushit Banner

You have to optimize your images and compressed their sizes. Your site speed ll boost with this because one of the most thing causing slow speed is your heavy images.

Many new bloggers not optimize their images and upload them and their site size increase and load slow.

Wp smushit is one of the most popular plugins you can use for image optimization. This plugin ll decrease your images size without break its quality.

But you have to setup it properly because you don’t want this plugin to break your images and quality. So proper set like how much you need to optimize it and then scan your WordPress images and start optimizing it.

Download Smushit

3: BJ Lazy Load:

BJ Lazy Load Banner

It’s a good idea to that you make your images load when visitors scroll on them or scroll down and for this, you can use BJ Lazy Load WordPress plugin many themes have an inbuilt option for this task.

This ll help you to decrease your HTTP requests and this is a good thing to make your site load faster.

But in much cased, I can’t recommend you this plugin or lazy load things because sometimes it can annoying for your readers and visitors. Images can take a long time to load and visitor or reader feel not good in this and can leave your site and your bounce rate can increase.

But if you feel that images load fast and good then you can use this plugin.

Download BJ Lazy Load

4: Autoptimize:

Autoptimize banner

Optimizing your theme codes and compressing is also help you to compress your site size and load But mostly this ll break your site structures and css. I am not currently compressing my theme code because I don’t need it my site is already optimized.

But if you are using heavy theme and plugins then it’s a good idea to compress their codes.

Autoptimize come to help you in this case this plugin ll compress your theme codes and css. Which ll help your site to increase his speed. Don’t it has different algorithm so mostly this ll not break your site css.

If you don’t need a plugin then definitely you need to hire and web developer from the platform like Fiverr or I recommend you to change and move to a simple and lightweight theme.

You can use heavy themes but for this, you need a good heavy load servers or managed hosting. You can check the liquid web for managed hosting.

I hope this ll help.

Download Autoptimize

5: Wp Disable:

WP Disable

This plugin ll help you to disable many functions of WordPress which making your site slow and killing your hosting resources. List of some functions which you can disable with this awesome free plugin.

  • Revisions
  • Autosaves
  • Emojis
  • Gravatars
  • Google Maps
  • RSD (Really Simple Discovery) tag
  • Shortlink Tag
  • WordPress API from header
  • Windows Live Writer tag
  • WordPress Generator Tag
  • Pingbacks + trackbacks
  • RSS
  • WooCommerce scripts
  • WooCommerce reviews
  • Woocommerce Cart Fragments

Download Wp Disable

6: Better Search And Replace:

Better Search And Replace Plugin

You moved to https version site but you have to update all your links to https because this ll create a redirect and this is not good for speed. This plugin ll help you to find all your links and update in just one click.

Download Better Search And Replace

7: Wp Optimize:

This plugin ll help you to remove many junk things which increase your database sizes and also making your site slow. Example Removes trash, spam, post revisions, transients, and other junk files.

Download Wp Optimize

8: P3 Plugin Performance Profiler

P3 plugin performance profiler ll help you to find plugin which are effecting your WordPress speed and make your blog load slow.

P3 Performence Profiler e1416496657158


  • Install the plugin
  • Go to your plugins menu
  • Under P3 click Scan Now > Auto Scan
  • Wait for P3 to analyze your slowest plugins
  • Replace slow plugins with lightweight plugins
  • Deactivate and delete all plugins you don’t use
  • Delete plugins you only need at certain times, then reinstall when needed

9: Plugin Organizer

Plugin Organizer ll help you to Change the order that your plugins are loaded and Selectively disable plugins by any post type or WordPress managed URL.

plugin organizer


  • Install the plugin
  • Go to Plugin Organizer > Global Plugins to configure
  • Edit any page/post and selectively disable plugins using the sidebar

10: AMP

These days AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) trending and many bloggers moving there blog to AMP pages. AMP is a google latest project to make mobile pages 10x faster for low internet users or not have modern pages.

This plugin ll change your whole mobile design if you don’t like you can change it back if you want.

AMP Plugin



How To Check WordPress Blog Speed:

Now the question comes how to check WordPress speed so for this you can use tools like Gtmetrix or Pingdom tools to check your site speed.

Or you can use Dotcom-Monitor Tool where you can instantly test your website speed from 20+ locations around the world.

These tool ll tell you that how much you improved your speed and also help you fix them.

Good Luck

Final Words:

I hope you like this post Speed Optimization WordPress Plugins and help you to improve your site speed and performance.

If you love your readers and visitors then you have to improve your speed so your readers ll not feel bad while exploring your site.

This ll help your site to decrease bounce rate and increase its rankings.

Lastly, share it. 🙂


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