Social Media Contests – Become No. 1 In Your Sector

If used correctly, social media contests can be used for follower engagement. And, you can even use it for promoting sales!

Gone are the days when contests were simple games and used for fun. Today, hundreds of businesses rely on these contests to promote their online reach. They integrate social media contests as a part of their marketing strategies. For example, Hydroflask once had 300 followers. Today, it has more than 500,000 followers on Instagram. How did the change happen?

Well, you guessed it right. This brand started to make use of social media contests.

When it comes to social media contests, there is no steadfast rule. The formula differs from one company to another. Yet, few principles hold good all the time!

Let’s learn more about these principles.

Promote sales with social media contests

Focus on Your Best Sellers

First things first, you need to focus on your best-selling products. The contest should revolve around these products. Use the contest to gain more popularity for this particular product.

The above strategy is impressive because it keeps changing from time to time. This means you can keep your customers engaged with new stuff.

Let’s understand this with a simple example.

If your brand specializes in selling Luxury Smart Bracelets. You need to establish a balance between technology and jewellery. The watch should help with fitness activities and also have a style quotient. When you host an online contest, the best giveaway would be a similar product. The moment your followers see a chance of winning this product, they will definitely jump into the contest.

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Make Use of User-Generated Materials

A simple picture is worth a million dollars. This is how user-generated content is valued on the internet.

User-generated materials play a very important role in building online trust. It is much more essential than self-promoting methods. When compared to videos and brand images, user-generated content is influential.

User-generated materials are useful because they allow fans and followers to envision themselves as using and enjoying the product. This happens even before the product is purchased. And, that is why users are able to connect with your brand at a better level. Incorporating user-generated content into your marketing strategy and social media contests is simple.

Promote sales with social media contests

A famous e-commerce company that uses this technique is “Backcountry”. They specialize in selling accessories and outdoor gear. Every year, this company hosts an annual contest. They encourage users to share images of their best moments and worthy places. Winners are rewarded with stunning processes. The company ensures that all user-generated content is tagged with the brand name and products. This means the online reach of the brand increases drastically with a single contest.

Buy to Enter Method

As suggested by its name, customers need to make a purchase before entering into the social media contest. This is considered a win-win situation for the business. One, it triggers more sales. Two, it attracts more traffic to the site.

A famous company that adopted this technique was 7-Eleven. They hosted the “Slurpee Instagram Contest”. Here, customers had to buy a Slurpee, make a video, capture photographs and re-post on their Instagram accounts.


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