Best Social Media Auto Post WordPress Plugins

One can guess from the title what are these SOCIAL MEDIA AUTO-POST WORDPRESS PLUGIN are used for?

Yes, you are right these are used to ease your work on social media and make your job less hectic.

The SOCIAL MEDIA AUTO-PUBLISH lets you post automatically to your social media networks like Facebook , Twitter, LinkedIn etc. and re-share your old ones.

Following are some important features of SOCIAL MEDIA AUTO-POST WORDPRESS PLUGIN.

1-Social Media friendly

2-Provides filter settings

3-Provides format settings

4-Provides Posting Options

One need all the above mentioned features to make a good website to attract visitors as social content has become a very important factors for the growth of a good site or a blog.

Following are the collection of top best word press Plug-in for Social Media Auto-Posting.

1-Revive Old Post

2-Revive Network


4-Next Scripts

5-Only Wire

6-Access Press Social Auto Post

7-Nelio content

8-Social Auto Poster

9-Microbiology Poster

10-Buffer HYPE Social

and many more

NOTE-The above order is not chronological. One can use whichever is suitable according to their convenience and comfort.

In today’s world where people have got so many things on their hands handling multiple social media network can be tiring and boring. We can take advantages of Modern tools to build website like Social Auto-Post Plug-in which helps you to post a blog and publish it on all your social Media automatically. It helps to earn a High conversion rate, drive traffics to your site, and also boost your sales and revenue.

Now, let’s talk briefly about some SOCIAL MEDIA AUTO-POST WORDPRESS PLUGIN that you can use to ease your social media network handling process.

a) Blog2Social-The basic features work well. It is an all in one social media automation solution for social media Workers and team of any Size and helps out to not be so time-consuming. It is available as Word Press Plug-in solution or an independent app. It help to schedule and organize info and post so that one can work faster in   promoting aspect.

If you feel the need to upgrade you can always pay for the premium version to have access to advance features.

b) Buffer HYPE Social-You can connect up to 3 accounts. Buffer is not for everyone. If one need to post to variety of social networks like Reddit or Tumblr, it won’t be suitable. It can schedule and send Posts to Twitter, Instagram, facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. The free version allows a maximum of 10 posts to be scheduled at any given time. It also contains features that give Post suggestions to users and provides details and numbers of clicks, retweets, likes,  favorites, mentions and potential views each post has.

c) Next Scripts– Social networks Auto-Poster: By adding this social Media Auto Post WordPress Plug-in, you will have the ability to auto-post new content to all the social Media networks you have account with. You can use plugin to send out a Broadcast message to be published on all the social Media networks you have connected to your website. Also, whenever the auto-posts your content, it will automatically grab the Post title post URL and featured image.

But, it does not have as good ratings as the other social Media Auto post WordPress Plug-ins available in the Market because of the developer’s inactiveness towards this social Network Auto Poster.

It is available for FREE and the Premium Version can be Purchased.

d) Revive Old Posts-It is good for existing content. It Boost Website Social Media traffic Revive old posts is a social Media sharing and scheduling plug-in which works on Auto pilot allowing users to share old and new content to social Media in an effective way.

It automatically share old and new posts to social Media. It also creates common hashtags for post shares. Automatically, Includes and Excludes specific posts from sharing to social Media according to the required situation and convenience.

e) Social Auto Poster-It is a FREE Word press Plug-in for Auto post to your facebook account. You can Publish anything to your facebook profile and fan pages as soon as you hit the publish button in your site. It is user friendly, light weight and have free updates.

One can buy premium version for more and advance features.

f) Nelio Content– It features editorial calendar and a content assistant. It has been designed to help you to efficiently schedule, create and promote the content of your blog by automatically creating social-publications.

The editorial calendar is one of the most powerful tools included in Nelio content. It is also the easiest way to create new content and reschedule your Posts and social messages simply by dragging and dropping them.

Nelio Content integrates the relevant Metrics from your Google Analytics and Social Media accounts and helps you to re promote the content that works best.

So, one can use any SOCIAL MEDIA AUTO POST WORDPRESS PLUGIN to make their website look attractive and methodical with comfort by using any of the above mentioned and briefly described wordpress plugin.


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