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Chicago-based ShareASale is a network of affiliate marketing companies. After nearly two decades in business, it’s safe to say that ShareASale knows a thing or two about using affiliates to bring in consumers.

When it comes to providing consumers with an innovative Affiliate Marketing platform, ShareASale aims to do it efficiently and effectively.

ShareASale also makes excellent use of cutting-edge technologies. Thanks to real-time tracking and segmentation, you’ll use ShareASale’s service to know exactly when a user clicks on an ad.

But first, let’s take a closer look at what ShareASale has to offer merchants and affiliates alike before diving into the details of ShareASale’s affiliate program.

What exactly does the term “affiliate marketing” entail?

Affiliate marketing is the technique of earning a commission by advertising other people’s (or companies’) items,” says Patt Flynn of Smart Passive Income. Each time one of your customers buys one of the products you advertise, you get paid a percentage of the proceeds.

Affiliate marketing is made up of three parties that communicate with each other. First and foremost, the merchant must be taken into account. There are several different ways to describe this party, including the “maker,” “seller,” “brand,” “merchant,” “vendor,” and “retailer.”

Merchants are the ones that produce the goods that will be sold at the end of the day.But merchants may be of any size or form; some are massive global corporations, while others are as simple as a single person making and preparing their products for sale.

The affiliate, of course, is a significant player in affiliate marketing. The ‘publisher’ is a new name for this gathering. No rule says affiliates must be important corporations; they might be individuals. Small affiliate marketing enterprises may earn a few hundred additional pounds a week, while major corporations can amass hundreds of millions by using this strategy.

The affiliate is, of course, the essential player in affiliate marketing. Affiliates often operate by promoting one or more of their affiliated company’s products to boost sales, for which they are compensated.

An Overview of ShareASale

Over 3,900 affiliate programs are available from many merchants, covering nearly every conceivable e-commerce area. For those who prefer to call, ShareASale has a toll-free phone number open seven days a week.

If you’re an associate with ShareASale, you’ll have access to 2,000+ merchant data streams that you can use to advertise the goods that best suit your business.

Personal encounters with others in the industry:

A ShareASale affiliate account setup is a cinch. You’ll need to complete five simple steps to get started, including creating a login and website ID and entering your own site’s details, including email addresses and bank account numbers.

To cover the expense of a background check, there is a $5 startup fee. However, this amount is refunded to customers after their accounts are set up.

However, consumers need not fear since ShareASale will notify them if their costs are about to drop below the minimum authorized balance. If you’re looking for an affiliate network that is open about its fees, ShareASale appears to be one of the best.

They were crafted for the benefit of retailers

However, since their items are ultimately sold, merchants are expected to spend more money than their affiliate counterparts. This is quite a deal more money.

Retailers will have to pay $650 (which includes an “entry fee” and a $100 initial deposit) to get started. This price tag has far-reaching consequences. Affiliates may be concerned that the merchant network they’ll be able to access through ShareASale will become overcrowded due to the high sign-up fees, but this means that they’ll only be able to work with serious companies that have already demonstrated their commitment to the ShareASale model. As a result, affiliates will likely be working with firms with more significant resources, which means more money may be earned.

Ad-serving charges are included in the pricing, which might be perplexing for merchants. Still, this money allows ShareASale to develop on-page advertisements, buttons, banners & link texts while also allowing the platform to evaluate affiliates that sign up correctly. If ShareASale is reinvesting the fees, it charges merchants and affiliates to improve their service quality, which supports the idea that you get what you pay for.

Support of a high caliber

For both affiliates and merchants, ShareASale prides itself on the amount of service it gives. The platform has a free help desk that users may access as much as they need to get assistance. The helpdesk’s quality is also often praised by users.

However, ShareASale has been singled out by review websites like CoSpot for being less responsive to consumers than its competitors. Affiliate programs like ShareASale, on the other hand, are more concerned with letting their users get on with their work while still providing customer assistance if needed. ShareASale is not one of those programs.

Commissions & Prices

With ShareASale, affiliates have access to a streamlined payout process. They may count on regular paychecks sent on the 20th of each month. If your sales total $50 or more, your payment will be processed. They’re going to have a more challenging time if they’re more casual affiliates who are more likely to have an off month.


Affiliate marketing is an ever-evolving field that’s continuously being challenged by social media and GDPR.

ShareASale continues to operate in the face of unpredictability, as it has for the past two decades. Thanks to its two decades of expertise, cutting-edge tools, and high-quality analytics, it is one of the most effective affiliate marketing platforms.

Ads may be expensive for small businesses, and there isn’t much help creating them. Still, since one-quarter of ShareASale’s partners are unique, there are many prospects for affiliates just starting to make some serious money from product marketing.

Thanks to a wide range of customizable features and simple payment options, many benefits are available. Spend some additional time learning the ropes, and your business or website might bring in a lot of money for you in the end.


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