Setupad Review : 100% Genuine Monetization Platform

Setupad is a header bidding and monetization platform for those website owners who have a traffic volume of more than 100,000. When this tool is set up with the recommendation, the customers usually see at least a 30% hike in revenue in comparison to the earlier monetization solution. While some users have reported up to 300% of the increase in revenue. 

Header bidding is a somewhat entangled concept, setupad removes the stressed object from the whole process and makes process implementation very easy. In today’s article we are going to inform you about Setupad and what are the cons and pros of this tool. We will also give you the complete review of Setupad. 

Pros and Cons of Setupad

Now let’s start today’s topic and first of all we’ll know about the Pros of Setupad.

  • This is very easy to implement.
  • It has native advertising.
  • You will get 30-300% revenue with Setupad.
  • This tool is always available up to date with industry standards.
  • You will find mobile-friendly ads.
  • With Setupad, you get Reliable Customer Support and Personal Account Manager
  • This supports multiple banner types.
  • It has partnered with 16 industry-leading SSPs.

Cons of Setupad

  • Apart from some great features, it lacks a notification relating to ads.txt updates.
  • In Setup, the Account manager must create an ad placement code on the user’s behalf. 
  • They have a minimum payout of 100 euros.
  • This tool has a 100,00 minimum monthly traffic requirement. 

Features of Setupad

Now we know the Pros and Cons of Setupad. After reading the pros and cons you must have understood and can make quick decisions if this tool meets your requirements or not. But before making any final decision you should look at the complete features of Setupad and that too in detail. 

Header Bidding Wrapper

This feature is also known as Advance Bidding or Pre-Bidding. If we speak about the meaning then understand that header bidding allows any website publisher or owner to offer inventory to various ad exchanges simultaneously before relapsing to their ad servers. 

The intention is that you’ll have various request references requesting your inventory all at once. Thereby improving the earnings and profit which you will make from advertisements. Whether it sounds stupefied but it doesn’t have to be. Particularly when you have Setupad on your side. 

Setupad’s header bidding wrapping solution is very favourable for websites with less than 500,000 per month visitors. This feature is handy to use and incredibly simple to execute. You see, rather than altering your source code, Setupad uses a tag-based solution executed directly through your ad server. 

Setupad’s Heading Bidding Wrapper can connect you with the top 16 SSPs which also includes Google. When your tag is commenced, it will start monetizing your site by purchasing inventory instantly. If you’re anxious about advertisements decompressing your site then you don’t need to be worried. Setupad’s Heading Bidder wrapper runs utilizing a cloud-based ad server to engage SSPs that are near data centres. 

Now you can understand very easily that through this not only will your ads be delivered faster but it also means that you’ll fill more inventory and be rewarded with higher revenue. This tool will also help you with a better understanding of the best ads formats and arrangements for your specific site. You’ll have access to plenty of free precocious setups like Sticky Leaderboards, Mobile Anchor Ads and many more. Facilitating the right ad format is very crucial in producing revenue performance

At last, you don’t need to be worried about restoring your site with insignificant or unpopular ads. But thanks to Setupad’s Google Chrome Extension you are eligible to glimpse real-time data about achieving SSP, eCPM pierces and more as well as report unwanted calls. 

Header Bidding SaaS

The second feature of Setupad is Header Bidding Saas is customized and distinctive prebid. js-based header bidding software for website owners. In brief, Header Bidding Saas permits you to transmit an entirely refined and optimized solution rather than creating and managing your prebid.js. In comparison to header bidding wrappers, Setupad’s header bidding Saas is a far better progressive solution and is suitable for publishers with more than 50 million monthly visitors.  

This is also much tougher to execute and proposes bartering your SSP accounts. But the reward is far enormous flexibility and monetization of 100% of your inventory. Setupad’s header bidding Saas software is executed promptly to your website source code and regulated via your Google AdManager. It takes into account prevailing earnings streams for direct sales and programmatic alliances. Rather than paying a revenue share commission you’ll compensate for a flat CPM Fee. 

Furthermore, Setupad can propose extra requests from different SSPs and server-side integration in order to increase the numbers of bids, thereby boosting revenue even further. It’s crucial to note that you’ll still pay Setupad an income share on these bids. 

One of the downsides of header bidding Saas is that you’ll be responsible for updating blocklists, instead of Setupad managing them for you. However, you will be provided with a default block list to get started and will have the opportunity to take up the anti-malvertising software for an additional cost. 

Advertising Flexibility 

A very important feature of Setupad’s product is that you have a range of options when it comes to assuming which advertisement is useful for your website. This feature permits you to modify your ads to meet the needs and preferences for your visitors. Motivating them to consume more time on your website. It is also crucial in allowing you to monetize your site in a way that is not disruptive, annoying or unattractive for your audience. 

Let’s understand this by an example as Setupad can support you with content suggestions, native advertising and video content. We want our users to remain on the website for a longer time and it is possible with content recommendations. When the visitors stay long on your website then your revenue and analytics will be better. Setupad always delivers recommended content via a widget and offers you an alternative to earn supplementary earnings from sponsored posts or content ads.  

Setupad also delivers native advertising which confronts users by illustrating ads in an identical mode to your website format. The content is constantly sponsored and is appropriate to the search history of the guest. Those ads are custom made for each page and also furnishes a non-interfering advertising occurrence for visitors. 

At last Setupad permits you to suppress the power of video content. Video content and marketing is more popular than ever and one of the best ways to apprehend your audience’s interest. Setupad Video subject can be native or exhibit ads, authorizing your flexibility in specifying the most impressive type for your visitors. 

AdBlock Monetization

Nearly 10-40% of our website guests use content-filtering and ad-blocking software like Adblock. It practically avoids page components such as advertisements from being shown while they explore your site. But when advertising on your website can’t be seen by the visitors then there is a huge effect on your ad revenue stream. 

Thanks to Setupad, as it provides you safety from the effect on revenge streams. This tool always values the privacy of websites guests using AdBlock and instead runs non-intrusive advertising. You can see that some advertising formats make the visual of a website more appealing and user-friendly, thereby seeming less intrusive to the user. These formats comprise desktop, native, mobile, sticky and video. 

Apart from Setupad there are not various monetization solutions available which offer these types of features. So we can easily say this is another most profitable benefit of using Setupad. 

Mobile-Friendly Ads

Do you remember when browsing the websites on your mobile then how often you got to see poorly positioned ads which are not completely optimized for mobile viewing. This is the main reason and it is disruptive and irritating which forces you to immediately leave that website. No one wants this to happen to their websites. So with Setupad, it provides you with support. In this technical generation, mobile traffic is easily outperforming desktop traffic for most of the website owners. 

That is the main reason that it is very important to have quick loading and mobile-optimized ads on your site. Now you will be thinking how best to do this then dkng think too much. Setupad will create your ads into custom mobile versions to increase your website as revenue. Setupad also suggests the best type of advertising format for mobile viewing and also provides direction as to where to position the ads so that they aren’t disruptive to the viewers. 


What is Setupad?

Setupad is a monetization platform. This tool has various programmatic monetization solutions that are developed in-house to help publishers to increase revenue through Ads.

How can anyone Monetize their website?

For the same, the users need to sign up at Setupad. Then provide your website domain and contact details. Then a representative of Setupad will contact them and provide the procedure information related to monetization. 

How Setupad Helps to Generate Revenue?

Setupad always shows those ads who keep the visitors on your website for a long time. The long time the visitors spend on your website, your revenue will increase. 


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