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Search engine optimization is the process of improving website traffic using organic methods. Over the years, SEO has changed drastically. Techniques that were once famous cannot be used anymore.

When it comes to search engines, Google tops the list. Most businesses are willing to go the extra mile for better rankings in Google. Indeed, you need to be careful with the web content, design and many more parameters for higher ranks.

With this being said, experts believe that Google rewards certain SEO strategies. In this article, you will read about these useful strategies.

Important SEO Efforts Google Rewards

Use of Optimized Keywords 

To begin with, you need to create content with optimized keywords and key phrases. In general, Google has algorithms for identifying quality content. By creating outstanding content, you are more likely to secure better ranks in the search results. Quality content always begins with the right mix of keywords.

Picking keywords for your website is a challenge in itself. Always focus on keywords that are famous and can generate some traffic. Think like your company’s target audience.

Keyword optimization in SEO is all about figuring out where and when certain keywords should be placed. The keywords should integrate seamlessly with your content for better searchability.

Alt Tags and Meta Descriptions 

Now, let’s get a little technical on how your website should be created.

Many times, web developers tend to miss the alt tags and Meta descriptions. These may seem like a few lines of code. But Google values them.

Every image on your page should have an alt tag. Likewise, every page should be given a Meta description. The meta description should contain the optimized keyword. When Google crawls into websites, it collects lots of information from the Meta description.

If the alt tag and meta description have optimized keywords, your organic SEO traffic will improve.

Important SEO Efforts Google Rewards


With newer SEO methods and complicated search algorithms, backlinks have become a thing of the past.


Certainly not!

Backlinks are highly valued by Google’s search algorithms. By definition, backlinks represent links from other websites to your page. For increased visibility, the links should originate from websites that belong to a similar domain. Backlinks are crucial because they give a better picture of how connected you are in the industry. When you have quality Backlinks, web crawlers will certainly give your page a higher rank.

Meanwhile, you must ensure that all the Backlinks are functional. It should not mislead online visitors. Wrong Backlinks can make you pay a big penalty.

User Experience 

Last but certainly not least, Google values the end users. This is why you need to be careful with the website design. Make sure that the site is both functional and easy to use.

When you are keen on user experience, you can improve Google search ranks and attract more organic traffic. Crucial factors that influence user experience are the time taken to load your website, navigation, ease of use and content structure.

Before you host the actual page, you need to ensure that user experience is not compromised in any way!


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