Top 5 Secrets for Successful Video Marketing

Has your latest video become viral? Have you reached a thousand shares? Indeed, your only goal for video marketing should not be going viral. There is so much more to this industry. Even when you see posts with a thousand shares, and more than 5 million videos watched on sites like YouTube – video marketing means something different for every business.

Since video marketing has turned into the next big thing, you should spend a good amount of time on it! As a budding business owner, you should invest in the right video marketing strategies. With this being said, here are five interesting points to help you with online videos!

#1 Your Video Needs a Story! 

Top 5 secrets for successful video marketing

Most of the time, businesses build videos for sales. This can go completely wrong. The internet is loaded with many videos that are based on this theory. These annoy, and turn customers away. Never be a business that follows this pattern. Powerful brand videos can trigger the deepest emotions of customers. This is a win-win situation. By the end of an exciting video, you can introduce a call to action.

#2 The Best Ten Seconds

For your video to become famous, it must feature the industry’s best ten seconds. More than 1/5th of your viewers will turn away after ten seconds. The tale of your video should be conveyed in this short span. Tap on the curiosity of your customers. Make them ask questions about your brand. In just a fraction of a second, customers should find answers to the question: “Why should I watch this video.  Also, ask yourself this question: “Does the video inspire, teach, or make customers laugh?”

#3 Never be Boring, Use Humour 

As mentioned previously, your videos should be interesting to watch. Often, the corporate industry makes people scared of humour. Everyone is busy making their content professional. But, is this what customers want to see and hear? Certainly not! Even the world’s most techie minds want a slice of humour.

Top 5 secrets for successful video marketing

Thus, your video should have the right mix of humour and facts. Keep all your content relaxed, and simple. The moment your customers feel “open”, they are likely to connect with your brand at a better level.

#4 Video Optimization 

  • Moving on, optimize your videos. Tag them, introduce alt links and attach a meta description. These are crucial elements for any search engine to identify your website (or video). Embedding videos will help in increasing the amount of inbound links.
  • Another interesting technique in video optimization would be site maps. Google has many guides to help you on this topic.
  • Moving on, the description attached to your video should make sense. Google’s search engines should be able to understand the description.
Top 5 secrets for successful video marketing

#5 Prove Yourself 

Finally, you need to use the videos to educate your potential customers. Most people watch videos for knowledge. They want to learn something new and impressive. In fact, video marketing is one of the best ways to impart knowledge. A variety of information can be shared. Ranging from how-to videos to a detailed analysis of products (and services), videos are valuable resources.

Remember, videos don’t have to be about your business all the time. It can also focus on customer success stories.


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