Top 12 Search Engines Other Than Google

They think of Google as the first thing that comes to mind when searching engines.

So, why? Because it’s the most popular search engine out there by a long shot. People search for things on Google more than of the time.

It might be better to use a search engine that is more secure and has different benefits than Google.

Here, They’ll show you other ways to do things.

1. Bing

There is no doubt that Bing is behind Google regarding how many people are using the platform. Search market. If you need to translate, use rich snippets, convert money, find out about flights and hotels, and more, this app is for you.

Then, there are also more advanced features that aren’t taken into account. Bing has a much more visual way to search. If you go to its homepage, you’ll see many pictures and videos. It also has more advanced features, like machine-learning predictions for sports scores and elections.

This search is more advanced than Google’s, and it has object-detection intelligence built into the image search. Then, you can save searches as “collections,” which makes it easier to come back to your search later. Bing is the best place to look for images on the web.

2. Yahoo is a Website

Over the years, Yahoo has lost some of its popularity, but it isn’t as popular as it used to be. Bing’s search results look a little bit like the results on Yahoo, but they aren’t as interesting to look at. It’s also said that this is an excellent place to look for News, Sports, and Finance.

People have become more aware of cyber security in the last few years because they have become more internet-savvy. The following are some search engines that are more concerned with privacy:

3. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo has become more popular recently, but it still only has about a 1% share of the search market in the United States, which isn’t very big.

DuckDuckGo is thought to be one of the best search engines for people who want to search privately. This is why it has gained a lot of market share in the last few years. It has become a lot more popular in the previous few years because it doesn’t collect any information about the searches you make or about your personal information.

Then, there’s the “Bang” search. As long as you know which other platforms to search for things, you can use this feature to search for something (Wikipedia, eBay, Amazon, etc.). You can click on your “bang” to take you to your chosen site.

4. StartPage

Startpage says that it is the world’s most private search engine. This is a huge claim. That statement led to a lot of media attention and a third-party audit from the European Privacy Seal.

They can back up their claims because they don’t keep any records. No logs mean that the search engine doesn’t know who its users are. They don’t own the IP addresses of people who search or store cookies that can track them.

5. Qwant

Qwant says that they respect your privacy,’ and it’s another good choice for people who want a natural alternative to Google but don’t want to use Google.

Unlike other privacy-first search engines, Qwant emphasizes not personalizing search results to keep people from getting stuck in a filter bubble. It uses its indexing engine and Bing results to ensure that search results aren’t personalized. You need to know that European privacy laws are stricter than those in the United States. This is because this search engine is based in Paris, and European privacy laws are more stringent than those in the United States.

6. Swiss cows

Swiss Cows is another search engine in Europe that is very concerned about the privacy of its users. They make three main promises that make them an excellent alternative to Google and other search engines:

In this case, they do not keep any of your data.

• They place a lot of value on content that is good for the whole family

• They have made a new search engine that is very good.

Many parents worry about letting their kids surf the web, and Swisscows wants to make sure that its search engine is safe for everyone to use.

7. Find Out How to Encrypt Things

Even though that is the goal of Search Encrypt, its primary purpose is getting people to search for encrypted things. “It’s important to keep your personal information private, so look for searches that could be tracked and linked to your personal information. Search Encrypt intercepts those searches and redirects them to its privacy-enhanced search engine, which will become your default search engine after you set it as your default search engine,”

Some of the other options here don’t keep your history for 30 minutes, but this one does. You’re not sure if this search engine is right for you. Please look at what people who have completely switched over from Google to this say about it.

8. OneSearch

There are six main privacy-focused features that One Search claims to be built around. These features include:

• There will be no cookies.

• There will be no tracking of how many people use your site or apps

• There is no search history

• Results that are not filtered

• Be sure to share links with others with trust.

• The term “encryption” is in the title

The parent company, Verizon, also owns Yahoo, so it’s a good choice because Verizon also owns Yahoo. And it’s not a secret that Yahoo has been accused of many data breaches and privacy mistakes in the past. If you use Bing, the results will show you results from a platform you already use. It’s also a good thing about OneSearch that you have more privacy.

9. Give water

Most of the world still doesn’t have clean water, and that’s a bad thing!

If you use Give Water as your search engine and click on the platform’s ads, you can help out. Also, you can use a good browser extension to help out with this good cause.

10. Ekoru

As people become more aware of the damage they are doing to our seas and oceans, a search engine run by a charity is starting to get more attention from people worldwide. Kaoru says that you raise money for the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup every time you search. Every time you search for Operation Posidonia, you help raise money for the group’s cause. The electricity that runs all of their servers comes from hydroelectricity.

11. YouTube

People use this search engine every single day because it is the second-largest. To find videos, from movie clips to podcasts, or to find creators making great original content, you should go to YouTube.

You can’t. You can search for and look for videos on Google. But if you want to find the right content quickly, you should go right to the platform and use its search engine there.

12. The Unsplash

It doesn’t matter if you are about to write your next blog post, are looking for exciting visuals to use on social media, or are looking for a striking photo for your company’s printed marketing materials. Images are an essential part of how they interact with businesses. If you use stock images, you’ll have to pay a lot of money.


 You need to know how their algorithms work for the format-specific search engines because they aren’t a direct replacement for Google, so you need to know that. To get better results, you need to make sure your site is set up correctly for different types of search engines.


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