Top Search Engine Optimization Tools For Bloggers

If you are one of a person like me who want to work smart not hard then this post is for you. I created A list of search engine optimization tools.

Which I use almost every day for my blogs and you should also start using to get good benefits from your blogs and start to increase your traffic from search engines.

These search engine optimization tools ll analyze and scan your blogs and give you awesome methods and trick to get the most out of your blogs.

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Google Analytics:

Google Analytics is a google product and all know that Google is a king of the internet. This tool can analyze your blog and tell you that how your visitors going on your blog.

This tool ll give your live traffic details like how many visitors active on your blog and what they are doing.

So instead of using other free risk tools for your blogs start using google and one of the best analytics tool for your blogs.

This tool almost used by all blogs on the internet and no doubt give you awesome results.

KISSmetrics is another awesome analytics worth trying.

Price: Free

Google Search Console:

Google Search Console aka Google Webmaster Tools is one of the best free SEO tools you need for your online blogs.

With the help of this tool, you can actually submit your blog to Google search engine like you can tell google that how you want your blog in search results.

Also, this tool ll tell you how to google crawling your blog and what issue he faces while crawling your blog.

This tool also gives you suggestion to fix and improve your blog for google search results and your blog traffic ll increase.

I highly recommend you to use it if you are not using.

Bing Webmaster is another awesome tool you must use for bing and Yahoo search engines.

Price: Free


Gtmetrix is a free tool which analyzes your blog and tells you that what things making your blog slow on browsers.

As all know that speed is one of ranking factors said by google so you have to fix these errors to Increase your blog speed.

Gtmetrix is popular for its look and scoring blog by their speed and errors.  So try to scan your blog every week or month for your blog speed you ‘ll not lose your rank.

Speed is also good for user-friendly experience and makes visitors stay longer on your blog which can decrease your bounce rate.

Google PageSpeed Insights is also is one of the awesome tools like gtmetrix by google.

Price: Free

Google Trends:

google trends

If you are one of the viral or news niche bloggers who post about trending news or posts then Google Trends is for you.

You just need to type any word or query and google trends give you some results that in that keyword which thing are trending.

You can select your country then google trends give you results for your country.

I really love this tool because with the help of this tool and after you write your post on that word or news then chances are high that your post I’ll rank high and get traffic.

Price: Free

Ubersuggest And

Keyword Research is now like a backbone of blogs because now the competition is very high and you need some unique keywords for your next blog post.

People board to read same and same articles in many blogs so they search some new things with new keywords.

Well for Keyword Research  I love Semrush because no doubt this is one of the awesome tools I highly recommend everyone to start using.

Well also no doubt that many new bloggers can’t afford this so they search for other alternative free SEO tools.

For them I recommend you to try Ubersuggest (Recently acquired by Neil Patel) and You just need to type any query and these tool ll help you give some ideas for your next blog post.

But note: Like semrush this tool not give you the exact volume of searches and CPC of that particular keyword.

Price: Free



Woorank is actually a paid tool but that tool gives you one chance to use them every day. Just visit their site and scan your blog.

This awesome tool ll start analyzes your blog and gives you some awesome and cool suggestions for your blogs.

Like this tool, ll tell you that this thing is not working your blog have some CSS errors or your title is very short also this tool ll tell you that how much traffic you are gaining.

If you are there the first register then they ll also give you 14 days trial period to test their all features.

There is another awesome tool like woorank you must try (Seo Site Checkup).

Price: Free And Paid



Founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig this tool I must say that Moz one of the cool free SEO tool I have ever seen.

Some of the Moz features are paid but some are free but the free one is worth try.

IF you click on this (Link) then you ‘ll land on their free tools list and check to test them. I Love to use open site explorer because with the help of this awesome tool I can know that how much Da(Domain Authority) PA (Page authority) is also this tool ll tell you that how much spam you are getting from other blogs with the percentage of 10.

If you buy them then you ‘ll get all links which are spamming your blogs so you can contact them to remove your links.

Price: Free and paid

Hello Bar:


Founded by Chuck Longanecker but acquired by Crazy Egg company of Neil Patel. With the help of Hello Bar, you can get leads to your blogs.

This awesome tool needs you to sign up with the help of google account to use their features.

You can capture sign ups with top banner and pop-ups email sign ups also you can get likes on your facebook pages by showing the cool popup.

I must say that this tool is awesome and you have to use this tool.

Price: Free and Paid

Copy Scape:


Just visit  CopyScape and see if your site has any duplicate content or someone trying to copy your blog post and republishing them on your blog.

One of the major problem of new bloggers that they start copy other blogs and start republish on your blog. Let me tell you that google logarithm is now live in search engines and you ll get instant plenty on your blog.

Means no traffic and rankings or sometimes google de-index all your blogs and posts.

So try to produce your own unique content and see that you ‘ll get traffic and boost your rankings. Google and visitors love new things.

There is also another free tool which you can use for duplicate content dictation (Siteliner).

Price: Free and paid

Paid And Premium SEO Tools:

Best and good premium seo tools for your blog.

SemRush Pro:

Semrush Seo Tool

Semrush is one of the best free SEO tools I ever saw. This tool is also one of the most popular tools in the blogging world.

With the help of semrush, you can check and analyze your blog that how your blog is performing in a search engine like google.

I love semrush to do keyword Research to find good profitable keywords with low competition.

Also, you can check your backlinks and also you can spy on your competitor’s backlinks and this can help you increase your ranking and traffic from search engines.

Price: Paid But you can get 7-day trial


ahrefs seo tool

Backlinks are one of the most important things in SEO and rankings. You need good and high-quality backlinks to increase your rankings in search results and also you can increase your traffic.

So, in this case, no one can beat ahrefs one of the best tools check your blog backlinks like how they are performing and how much quality they have.

You can check and if you want then you can collect those backlinks and then disavow or you can request blog owner to unlink you because that link is spamming your blog.

Also, you can spy on your competitor backlink profile.

Try it out.

Price: Paid


kwfinder seo tool

Want to find good long tail keywords for your future posts the check Kwfinder.

It is an excellent tool to find good and high CPC long tail keywords for your blog posts and you can rank fast and earn a good income from that keywords.

Price: Paid

Final Words:

So that’s it guys these are the top search engine optimization tools I used almost every day for my blogs to get an instant boost on my blogs.

Let me tell you one thing that some tools I cannot guarantee to give you exact results and benefits but worth try if you can afford premium search engine optimization tools.

I hope this post I’ll help you a lot and you found some really cool and new free search engine optimization tools for your blogs which you don’t know.

If you like then don’t forget to share this post with your friends and bloggers.

Best of luck


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