SBI ‘Kaan Khule Asana’: Vigilantly Disrupting Operations of Fraudsters, Detecting and Preventing Cyber Frauds

Preventing Cybercrime: Instances of cybercrime targeting individuals are on the rise, leading to the unfortunate loss of hard-earned money to fraudsters due to small errors. In response to this growing threat, the State Bank of India, the country’s second-largest bank, has released a video to raise awareness. The video emphasizes the importance of staying vigilant and attentive to ‘Kaan Khule Asana

Kaan Khule Asana SBI

‘Kaan Khule Asana‘ Stay Alert, Stay Safe

The video advises viewers to remain cautious if anyone requests their debit card details claiming to be from the bank or offering enticing schemes. It stresses that legitimate banks never make such calls. If such a call is received, viewers are urged to disconnect immediately if asked for debit or credit card information. The video serves as a vital reminder for people to be wary of such fraudulent tactics. It’s time to adopt the Kaan Khule Asana‘ (Open Ears) approach and safeguard against scam calls through awareness and alertness.

Tips to Prevent Cyber Fraud

  1. Never share debit card information over the phone, even if requested.
  2. Refuse to provide debit card information via email.
  3. Avoid posting any debit card-related information on social media platforms.
  4. Exercise caution when entering bank-related details on unfamiliar websites.
  5. Be vigilant at ATMs; if possible, use them alone.
  6. Opt for mobile wallets or UPI for transactions whenever feasible.
  7. Choose a complex PIN for your ATM card.
  8. Immediately block your debit card if it’s lost or stolen.

By adhering to these guidelines, individuals can significantly reduce their risk of falling victim to cybercrime.

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