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You can quickly design a website using WordPress, and there are dozens of different themes to choose from. WordPress themes are an excellent resource for building an online presence and making your website stand out. They allow you to quickly set up a website and modify it to your liking, even if you’re not a design expert or have never done any coding before. Now, the question is: How do you choose the best theme for your website?

Every theme has its pros and cons. We have to choose what’s best for us, and the Reign themes are one of the best theme providers for every type of website. Be it an eLearning website, ecommerce platform, or a social media website like Facebook. You can rely on the Reign theme for a top-notch design and performance experience.

Types of websites you can create with Reign WordPress theme

  • Community website or social media 
Reign Theme Review

The Reign theme can create a beautiful looking, quick, and responsive social community WordPress theme portal like Facebook with ease. With the support of WordPress community plugins like BuddyPress, BuddyBoss platform, and PeepSo, you can create a community website any way you want, with lots of functionalities. The Reign BuddyPress theme and Reign PeepSo theme are built to provide dedicated support for WordPress community websites. Some of the community website feature you get on using the Reign theme are:

  • Single vendor and multivendor ecommerce website
Reign Theme Review

The Reign offers extensive support for the WooCommerce WordPress ecommerce plugin, which aids in the setup of all ecommerce aspects such as shop portfolios, payment gateways, managing sales and discounts, and more. It also helps to create a vibrant b2b marketplace theme by displaying merchants’ products and storefronts on the same page. Along with that, its multivendor plugin compatibility, such as Dokan multivendor, WC Vendors, and WCFM Marketplace, makes it an excellent choice for creating a multivendor Ecommerce website akin to Amazon or AliExpress. 

  • eLearning website creation
Reign Theme Review

Reign theme provides you total control over the content and appearance of your website. LMS plugins like LearnDash, Tutor LMS, LifterLMS, and Sensei LMS can help you integrate Elearning components into your online community site. We can rapidly add students and professors, create quizzes, administer examinations, and issue badges, among other things. We may give colorful badges, set up a reward system, offer certificates, and more using the GamiPress plugin.

  • Job Portals

The Reign theme can undoubtedly help you create a job portal like Indeed or a community job site like LinkedIn. WP Job Manager is a WordPress job portal plugin that allows you to incorporate job portal features such as employer and job seeker profiles into your website. With the BuddyPress plugin’s help, you may integrate community features. All we have to do is connect our website with BuddyPress Job Manager to combine WP Job Manager with BuddyPress for optimal website performance.

  • Create Membership Websites

Reign WordPress theme works with various membership plugins, including MemberPress, Paid Membership Pro, and others, allowing you to manage your members and content with just a few clicks. You may choose between free and paid content, offer membership passes and badges, create a member’s profile page, and much more with the Reign theme.

  • GeoDirectory Websites

Reign themes provide well-integrated support for the WordPress directory plugin GeoDirectory. GeoDirectory is the only WordPress directory plugin that can handle millions of listings and the resulting traffic. You can easily create a business directory with maps, customer ratings, and more. With the help of the Reign theme, it is elementary to create a website like TripAdvisor.

Features of WordPress Reign Theme

  • Installation of a website with a single click 

Anyone can use the Reign theme to create a website with only one click. You don’t have to go through the trouble of dragging and dropping widgets; download and install the demo on your WordPress website.

  • Advanced Drag & Drop Visual Page Builder

Reign theme has well-integrated support for WordPress page-builder plugin Elementor and Gutenberg that allows you to create a perfect and beautiful-looking page with a real-time web design perspective. All we have to do now is drag and drop different options into the page.

  • Quick and Responsive 

The Reign theme is light, fast, and customizable, with a responsive and user-friendly style for providing the most versatile and flawless UI experience imaginable. Furthermore, it is intelligent and optimized, adapting to any size of the screen.

  • Advance Theme Customizer with Multiple Header Variations 

You can easily choose g customization options on the left side of WordPress Theme Customizer or the right side of the website’s live preview. You can quickly configure the website using the Advance Theme Customizer feature. Furthermore, you can also select from a variety of alternatives and customize your headers. You can also edit and upload logos, as well as change header color schemes.

  • Gamification and fun
Reign Theme Review

The Reign theme has the support of the GamiPress plugin that allows you to award points, badges, and other rewards based on members’ actions, levels, and other factors, making every experience, whether on social media or in eLearning, more enjoyable and innovative.

  • Seamless form integration
Reign Theme Review

The form integration into your WordPress website becomes error-free and straightforward with the support of the most popular WordPress form plugins, such as Ninja Forms, WPForms, Gravity Forms, and ContactForm7.

  • Out of Box plugins support

For a seamless and optimal user experience, the Reign theme includes a large number of WordPress plugins. bbPress, WooCommerce, Dokan Multivendor, WCFM Marketplace, WC Vendors, LearnDash, LearnPress, GamiPress, Elementor, Yoast, WPML, and more plugins are supported by the Reign theme.

Some Reign Dedicated addons 

The Reign addons are WordPress addons that work exclusively with the Reign themes. They provide tons of extended functionality for a variety of WordPress plugins. Here are some Reign addons to work with.

Reign Dokan Addon: It is a WordPress addon ideal for multivendor marketplaces. You can use the Reign theme to establish your marketplace and allow sellers to sell in the same way as Amazon, Aliexpress, and eBay do. Some features of Reign Dokan Add On are:

  • Grid and List Store listing Layout
  • Dedicated BuddyPress Support.
  • Displayed Store Tab on single vendors profile
  • Dokan extra widgets

Reign LearnDash Addon: This addon has several valuable and extensive features that make e-learning more convenient. The Reign Learndash plugin was created to let you develop, sell, and protect interesting online courses while remaining distraction-free. You can easily create a website like Udemy by integrating this WordPress addon into your Reign WordPress website. Some of the extended functions you get using this addon are:

  • Three alternative course layouts are there to choose from.
  • Allow students to offer their thoughts on your course to give it more legitimacy.
  • Encourage your pupils to enroll in additional courses that are relevant to them.
  • With our addon widgets and Extra Widgets choices, you can take course accessibility to the next level.
  • Display course features, material, teacher information, and reviews at a single location.

Along with these three, there are many Reign theme addons like:

  • Reign Sensei Addon
  • Reign WCFM Addon
  • Reign Tutor LMS Addon
  • Reign WC Vendors Addon
  • Reign WP Job Manager Addon
  • Reign LifterLMS Addon
  • Reign GeoDirectory Addon

Furthermore, Reign also comes with 40+ demos to choose from. You can try each one for free and tweak them as you like. Not only that, its vision of community integration into every website is helping websites to grow even faster. Check out the different Reign themes, play with their Sandbox demos. I am sure you all will love this WordPress theme.


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