RCS to Challenge WhatsApp: Message Anyone Free, Even Offline!

A new platform has arrived to compete with WhatsApp. It is being compared to Apple’s iMessage. Many reports say that Rich Communication Services (RCS) will give tough competition to SMS and WhatsApp. This is a different type of service launched by Google.

How does it Work?

The direct method of RCS is that you can send messages to anyone with it and use emojis and multimedia. That means it’s a smart way of sending messages. Usually, you need a cellular phone to send SMS, but for RCS, there’s no need for one. It works both ways.

You can send messages with the help of the internet, and if there’s no internet, it will switch to cellular. If you chat on RCS, it will show ‘Typing’ to the other user. Also, after reading the message, the user will see ‘Read’. Currently, it’s available on most Android devices. You can also chat and share photos on RCS.

How Can It Be Used on iPhone?

Although it hasn’t been launched for iPhone yet, reports suggest it will be available for iPhone users by the end of 2024. Android users can take advantage of this feature. Compared to normal SMS service, RCS allows media sharing. Google launched this service in 2007 and has been continuously working on it since then.


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