5 Best Rank Tracking Softwares

This is very important for any blogger or SEO professional to check their Google Keyword Ranking for Target Keywords. One of the most normal mistakes which bloggers and website administrators always make is, writing and publishing the article without targeting any keyword for the same. This will only take 10-15 minutes to use Keyword Research Tools to find the perfect keyword which they can use for their articles.

Always make sure that you take full benefit of these Keyword Research Tools in proclamation to achieve these very important steps. When you are done with finishing an SEO optimized post by using their Targets keywords. Now you have to keep track of its search engine rankings to build backlinks with its proper anchor text. It is to remind you again that proper keyword selection is one of the major factors involved in getting a better ranking in Google Search Engine.

Every writer must focus on using the keywords which are mostly searched by the users on search engines. Especially focus on those keywords which help your website to see on one of the first few pages of any search engine. If any blogger is following proper on-page SEO then there is a major chance that your page will appear in the top 50 search results.

If you want to improve your SEO rankings then you should manage your keyword properly so that you can find that keyword that is strong for your particular domain and which are not. This will allow you to work on using the very strongest keywords in a proper manner which will also increase your chances of getting a better ranking in Google and other search engines. 

To complete your goal you will require a tool that can inform you as to where a particular keyword ranks in Google’s search results without searching 100 search pages manually. In today’s article, we are going to inform you about some excellent and free online tools to check your target keyword position in Google Search Engine.


SEMrush is one of the most favourite tools available currently. This is a complete tool for Keyword checking. You can paste your website URL or URL of your blog. This will show the keywords that you are currently searching for. You can click on any keyword to check the keyword competition and other related information. This tool supports Google & Bing search engines. 

If you want to learn what keywords do I rank for, then you need to know as SEMrush has covered anything for you. You just need to add your domain name in the field. It will reflect all the keywords which you are currently ranking for. This is professional software and it is very easy to use. You can use this tool for 1-2 weeks without paying any charges and then you can decide if you want to subscribe to it or not. 

  • Just Login SEMrush Account.
  • Now, select position tracking under rank tracking.
  • Then click on new position tracking and enter your domain name.
  • Click on Create Project and Customize the setting as per your need.

This tool makes it easier for you to add keywords for rank tracking. Just follow these steps.

  • Connect your search console and pull up the keywords from here.
  • Now enter the keywords.
  • After that track the top keywords that have already been found for your domain
  • At last from file (*.txt, *.csv)

Through this tool, you can also set it to send you weekly information of changes in ranking. 


AccuRanker is a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a dedicated paid keyword position checker. When you will use AccuRanker then you will love its interface. The interface of AccuRanker is intuitive and anyone can easily start. You can track keyword ranking in Google Search Engine as AccuRanker has an option for Bing and Yandex search. This is most popular as a Yandex Keywords monitoring.

This Keyword Rank Tool is very accurate and fast. You can see the preview of the search results with a single click, which is perfect for those agencies who are required to show the proof of rankings to their clients. Another best feature of AccuRanker is the Keyword position checker which makes you able to search ranking based on your target city or country. When we add a new keyword to track its ranking, you can also set the location which you want to target. You can add more than one location as per your choice.

AccuRanker has numerous plans which depend on how many keywords you want to track. If you want to try this tool then you can go for a 14 day free trial period.


This SEO rank tracker tool has a great User interface for its users and this tool is offered by Mangools. This is the very latest and best tool to search keyword positions for any nominal you want. On this tool, we can search keywords positions that are based on Geolocation & devices for both Desktop and Mobile both. SERPWatcher offers you various plans to track the desired keywords on your preferred domains. You can opt for one of the paid plans which suit your requirement. 

The price of every plan at SERPWatcher is very reasonable under the paid tool. The price of every plan of SERPWatcher is very budget-friendly and fits your pocket perfectly.


RankWatch stands at number four in our list of top 5 best rank tracking software. This rank checker tool & keyword rank checker is the most popular pocket-friendly tool. This tool will show you more than search engine position. Apart from showing search engine ranking, this tool also shows CPC and search volume data for any phrase or keywords. When you want to check the keyword rank through this tool, you can select the location of the search engine along with the desktop devices device. If you want to check rankings of one or more keywords then RankWatch is a very perfect choice for you. 

Apart from Rank Tracking, this tool also has some amazing features. Let’s have a look at these features.

  • Rank Update Frequency
  • City-Based Tracking
  • Sub-Domain & Sub-URL Tracking
  • Ranking Screenshots
  • Automated Ranking Alerts via Email
  • Google Featured Snippets Tracking
  • Keywords Categorization & Advance Filter
  • 170+ Countries With All Major Languages

If you browse the plans of RankWatch then you will love the pricing of it. There are multiple plans available at RankWatch and you can choose a plan for you based on Daily Rank Updates and Weekly Rank Updates. These plans are almost available at the same prices and you can browse for further and further keywords in the Weekly Rank Updates plan. 

The user interface of RankWatch is very easy to use and the team of RankWatch appears to be established out of India. The pricing of RankWatch is very sufficient. This Rank Searching Tool offers you more features than a simple rank checker. You can browse the RankWatch and then you can experience it. 

SEOCentro Rank Checker

SeoCentro is the last but not the least rank checker tool in this list. This is also the best tool for Rank Tracking Software. With this Rank Checker tool, you can easily analyse the performance of some specific keywords in multiple search engines for example like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. 

The search result will provide you with the complete details regarding a particular keyword encompassing its rank in numerous search engines along with a chronology of the keyword. 


In today’s article, we have informed you about 5 Best Rank Tracking Software. All are the best Rank Tracking Software and if you ask the personal choice about which one is best I would suggest SEMrush is the best of the lot. Through this tool checking keyword position in Bing & Google search engines is very easy. You’ll also like this tool. All of the Rank Tracking Softwares come with great features. In SEMrush there is a feature of backlink checker, a full site audit and a few other really exciting things. 

We hope that you will learn very important information through this article.  If you have used any other Rank Search Software or if you have used one of the above tools then let us know by mentioning the same in the comment box. 


What is Rank Tracking Software?

Rank Tracking Software works as a Keyword Research Tool to find the perfect keyword which they can use for their articles. When we write a blog then these Keywords can do wonders for us and these tools find the trending keywords for us.

Are Rank Tracking Software Tools Free for use?

Above mentioned Rank Tracking Software has both plans including Free and Paid plans. Every plan differs from each other and it depends on your usage and your choice as to which plan you want to take. 

What is an essential element of SEO?

One of the important components of SEO is to pick the right keyword for a blog or article and it can be feasible through Keyword Research Tool. 


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