Tips on How to Promote Your Content on LinkedIn

It has had a tremendous impact on a variety of industries around the world. Whether you are keen on gaining new leads, or increasing brand awareness – LinkedIn is the best platform for you. With the help of LinkedIn, you can target certain demographics easily. In the long run, this will help in boosting your marketing efforts.

With the advent of LinkedIn Advertising, many brands have started to include this social media site in their marketing guidelines. Since organic reachability is declining on a regular basis, LinkedIn promotions might be a good idea. At the moment, many marketers are unaware of how to use this platform. If you are looking for ways of promoting your content on LinkedIn, keep reading.

Promote Your Content on LinkedIn

Capitalize and Keep an Eye on Engagement

First things first, you need to stay active on this platform. This is mainly because LinkedIn is a business-to-business platform. You need to identify times when your target audiences will be active. This is when your promotional activities should begin.

Those who venture into this site for promotional needs find 6 AM, 12 PM and 8 PM apt. During these times, you need to verify if you are gaining maximum interaction from your audiences.

Scheduling will help in boosting engagement.

Invest in Paid LinkedIn Advertisements

Sometimes, you need to go a step ahead and start buying social media strategies! Alas, does this sound weird? Well, it can be! However, it is important to introduce paid tactics into your marketing strategy. Always test and build your marketing moves carefully. For instance, sponsored updates are perfect for promoting original, high-quality content. It will also help in boosting your online presence. The updates you make should target a specific industry and type.

Promote Your Content on LinkedIn

Apart from sponsored updates, this social media platform is also famous for Self-Serve Ads. Targeting through this feature is not very easy. You need to be very specific about the Ad Type. A few more factors to be considered are Industry, company name, role, company size, and your “sweet” spot.

An Editorial Plan

Next in line would be your editorial plan. The best way to handle this step is when a content calendar.

Your editorial strategy must-have elements like the LinkedIn promotion plan. The plan must be managed with other social media networking sites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Yet, you will find plenty of room for flexibility. Use this space to capitalize on your primary problems, trends and news.

In general, businesses are advised to post at least once every day. This might sound overwhelming, however, it is important!

The Right Kind of Content

Picking and building the right kind of content is never easy. Whether you are promoting your content in LinkedIn, or anywhere else – it has to be relevant. This site lends better to a few content types than the rest. This is something you have to keep in mind.

Content that is commonly shared on LinkedIn would be:

  • Posts on how to secure job opportunities
  • White papers
  • Reports and case studies
  • eBooks
  • Engaging tips, lists and materials with a remarkable CTA

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