How to Promote Content on Twitter? – A Brief Guide

Organic reach witnessed in social media networking sites is reducing on a daily basis! Someday, the overall percentage of organic reach will become extinct on social media sites. For example, the amount of organic traffic on Facebook has reduced by nearly 50 per cent between 2017 and 2019. A similar experience is seen in other social media networking sites like Twitter.

With this rapid decline, marketers are finding it difficult to promote content on their Twitter pages. If you are an experienced marketer, you will be aware of the fact that Twitter is an invaluable tool for promoting content. This is why the decline has turned into a pressing problem.

Promote Content on Twitter.

Now, there are a few tips that can help you build organic traffic towards your Twitter content. Let’s focus on these tips.

Track the Overall Rate of Engagement

First things first, you need to focus on the overall rate of engagement. You need to be aware of the best time for promoting content. In order to find this data, you need to re-visit the dashboard of your Twitter page. Here, you will be able to track engagement easily. Look for times and days when your account was extremely active.

Always post tweets based on the level of engagement. For example, if online viewers read your Tweets in the mornings, you need to post during this time. This way, activity will spike around your Twitter Feed.

Focus on Influencers

The talk about promoting content on Twitter will be incomplete without the use of influencers.

Every industry has influencers. These people can help in amplifying the reach of your tweets. So, don’t think twice to leverage them. Tools like Feedly, Topsy and Buzzsumo can be used to identify influencers. Another tool that helps track influencers is Tweetdeck.

Promote Content on Twitter.

Once you spot influencers, you must identify a way of boosting your content on their social media networks. The best way is to “Tweet”. Never stick to traditional ways of promoting content on your influencer’s network. Instead, pick creative techniques for cross-promotion.

For instance, you can give a backlink to the website of your chosen influencers. This can be done in exchange for a promising tweet. Using influencers to promote content on Twitter is an endless world.

Using Paid Tactics

With organic reach declining, you may need to invest some time and money in Twitter Ads. This method is also known as “Paid Advertising”.

Paid Tactics can help you gain a good amount of traction. It works well for both content promotion and giving a spotlight to your Twitter account. When you are struggling to promote content, paid campaigns help by building a strong community.

Keyword targeting is an important component of paid advertising. It differs from one industry to another. When compared to competitor targeting, keyword optimization will be more useful. What’s ROAS? – Tips for Increasing Your Paid Search

Build a Posting Calendar

Promote Content on Twitter.

Finally, you can put together a posting calendar. The role of this calendar is to pre-schedule and plan your tweets. This way, you can keep your followers notified of any upcoming tweets. Scheduling is very important in social media networking sites. It supports real-time interactions. And can keep your potential audiences engaged.


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