Tips on How to Promote Content on Facebook? – A Brief Guide

Publishing a post on your social media networking site doesn’t end the process! In fact, this is where the actual job begins. When you post content, it is important to ensure that the content is seen by potential customers. As an ambitious business owner or a blogger – you need to go the extra mile to increase the overall visibility of your content. This is a whole different kind of experience.

One of the finest places to promote your content would be Facebook. With this being said, here are a few strategies to help you promote content on Facebook.

You Need a Facebook Like Button

It is important for your website to have social media sharing options. Buttons should allow users to like and share content with everyone else. If your blog or business site doesn’t have these buttons, now

Promote Content on facebook

would be the best time to install them. Three important buttons for any website would be the Facebook Like, LinkedIn Share and Twitter Retweet.

If your website was designed using WordPress, you can plug these options into your website easily.

Share the Content in Multiple Ways.

Technically, Facebook delights marketers with four different kinds of status updates. These would be link updates, video updates, text updates, and photo updates. Each of these updates can be used to promote your content on Facebook. By having multiple options, you will be able to experiment. Not all these updates will have similar engagement levels. It will differ from one to another.

Promote Content on facebook

The best way to begin your promotional efforts is by sharing a link update. Ensure that you have a simple, crisp description attached to this update. Also, don’t forget to include an appropriate CTA to the link. The description doesn’t need to be complex and heavy-handed. You can always choose to be seductive and soft.

Tag as Many Audiences as Possible!

Promotional activities will be futile without the right target audience. This is why you need to tag relevant people in your post. Irrespective of the status updates you make, tagging others is crucial. The ultimate aim of this approach is to grab the attention of potential businesses and customers. If you are lucky, and if the content is of high quality – your work will be re-shared.

Use Multiple Facebook Pages

Promotional activities should be bold and meaningful. This is why you need to go the extra mile and post your content on other relevant pages. According to experts, this is an aggressive move. And it is important for any growing business.

Before you post the content on another wall, ensure that the post and the page are relevant. Otherwise, it will be deleted or ignored.

Promote Content on facebook

Share the Post in Your Personal Profile

Moving on, you need to treat the content with care and concern! This is why you should share it on the wall of your personal profile. Here are two reasons to follow this step:

  • Your content will be seen by dear friends and followers.
  • Your content will gain popularity, and the chances of it being shared will be more.

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