Paytm Restricted: RBI Imposed Ban Bars Key Functions from March 15

The Reserve Bank of India has imposed several restrictions on Paytm. However, changes are anticipated in this regard starting on March 15. From that date onwards, Paytm Payment Bank will no longer accept new deposits. Despite these changes, Paytm has assured that there will be no impact on UPI payments.

There’s no need to worry about Paytm’s functionality; the app will continue to operate normally. Users with bank accounts in other banks can still make UPI payments seamlessly. Jio, on the other hand, might enter the UPI market soon, intending to compete with apps like Paytm, PhonePe, and Google Pay. Mukesh Ambani’s plan involves launching Jio Pay, potentially through a new product called Jio Box, which is currently undergoing trials.

Given the vast size of the UPI market in India, many companies are eyeing opportunities in this space. Despite initial concerns following restrictions on Paytm Payment Bank, Paytm has clarified its stance, reassuring users about the continuity of its services. Other companies are also swiftly strategizing to capitalize on this situation. However, there’s been no official announcement from Jio regarding its entry into the UPI market.

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