Which One is the Best Video Marketing: Paid vs. Organic

As you know, the craze of videos is increasing day by day. New platforms are coming up and their users are instantly in crores. For example, you can see Tiktok.

In the past two years, the craze has increased. Let’s see the example of Tiktok. No, I am not going to tell you about it.

I am going to tell you about video marketing today. Video marketing proves to be more effective than all other marketing techniques.

The message given through the video stays with the people for many days. So, let’s start our journey. If you have some suggestions or questions, you can ask Digital Gabbar in the comment box below.

What is Video Marketing?

Let’s first know what is video marketing. Whenever a product or brand is promoted through a video ad or story, it is called video marketing.

If you want to say it in easy language, it is simply marketing through videos. The ad, whether on television or social media, is called video marketing.

Video Marketing

But today we will learn about video marketing on social media.

Ways to Use Video Marketing

  1. Paid: To use this method you have to pay. People or companies who have made their mark in video marketing, are promoted by promoting their product or site.

2. Organic: This is an organic method that you have to use both hard work and time to use. But once your branding is done then the result is quite good.

Paid Video Marketing

To use it, you need Video Influencers. For those people who do not know about this, let me tell them that video Influencers are those people whose customer base has millions of crores in their channel or profile.

Now you must be wondering what we will get from their followers. Yes, it is absolutely right that you will not get any benefit from their followers. But if you share the information about your product or site in one of their videos, you can imagine how much benefit you will get.

Yes, video influencers do the same thing, but for this, you will have to contact them.

You can find influencers related to Niche anywhere on YouTube or Instagram. For example, if you want to sell a product related to tech, then you can contact the Technical Guruji YouTube channel for product review. If you are associated with blogging, you can contact Satish K Videos YouTube channel.

Video Marketing

I am not branding anyone. Just giving you examples. You can find influencers for yourself according to your product and promote your product or site with video marketing.

Organic Video Marketing

Now let’s talk about the other way, it may take some time to get traffic, but once you have built a base, then you can do your branding along with the traffic.

Because this is an organic method, a little hard work will have to be done. Here you have to put video content on your YouTube channel or Instagram account.

Those who can tell or teach about something in small points can use Instagram and those who have good information related to their topic can make a video series on YouTube.

You will be thinking that if it was easy, then anyone would have done it, or there would be some people who would have started it but did not get success. Now the answer to these two questions depends on just three points.

Content Quality

Whenever you create video content, first of all, see that you are not wandering with purpose. I have seen many such videos in which people keep saying anything to prolong the video.

By doing this, your topic is good but you have spoiled the quality of the content. My advice for this is that the video will become nothing if it gets too long. Your goal should always be to deliver value content rather than pretend. Also, try to be as micro as you can be, it will be better for your subscribers as well as for you.

Method of content delivery

The second point is that it is very important that you need to practise more because if the way of telling or explaining the content is not up to the mark, neither will you get traffic nor branding.

For this, two things have to be kept in mind. First, you have to try to speak more directly. In other words, you have to develop your own style of speaking. This cannot be done without practice, if you do not know much about it, you can take advice from any public speaking trainer. If you ask me, I recommend taking advice from Keshave Lal ‘Business & Peak Performance Guru‘.

And in this, the second thing that you have to keep in mind is storytelling, whenever you make a video on any topic, you don’t have to read it like your college or school teacher. You have to make it fun to tell.

Try to add a real story to it or to explain the whole topic as a story. It will be beneficial as people will also understand and the story will also be motivating.


Now let’s talk about consistency which is most important if your content is very good. Your way of telling is of course very important, but if you are not consistently uploading content on your platform, it can have a very bad effect.

So as much as possible, at a fixed time, every day or week, as long as you have the convenience, your content should go in any condition at that time. If you are working on a video series, then my advice would be that you keep some episodes of the series in advance and keep on publishing them one by one with time.

The biggest benefit from this will be that if you do not make a video for some reason, you will have a backup. This way, your consistency will be maintained and the customer base will also increase, which will always give you traffic.


Video marketing is a great platform for branding your business or product. Big companies or marketers use it. You can also use it to increase your business.

So what are you waiting for? Contact any video influencers today and start your video marketing.

If you are thinking of starting it through YouTube, you can read our article “How to make money from YouTube – Step by Step Guide“.

Thank you!


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