Difference Between Paid Search and Organic Search

The moment a search engine completes its algorithm and returns a result, you will have two different types: paid and organic results. There are marked differences between each of these search results. By definition, organic search results represent webpage listings which are closely related to the user’s actual query.

The results focus on relevance. Many people consider these as natural search results. SEO is all about organic search results. On the other hand, paid results are basic advertisements. Web developers and marketers pay for certain keywords. These results will be shown when users execute queries with the given keywords.

Spotting the Right Search Results

The moment you see results on the search page, you can differentiate between the organic and paid ones. This is because every search engine has a way of differentiating the two. For example, you will find the paid results in a separate section.

Paid Search and Organic Search

It will be located towards the right of organic search results. You are likely to see visual cues, borderlines, or a slight difference in the background shade.

Target Audience

If you are a conventional web user, you might not spot these differences. But knowing these differences will help you make an informed choice about the result.

This is because paid results are more or less equivalent to advertisements. These results are very useful for shoppers. And organic results are more relevant for researchers.

Now, let’s learn more about Paid Search and Organic Search.

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Organic Searches: How Do They Work?

The moment you perform a search in Google or any search engine – a collection of links will be shown below the advertisements. These links are known as organic results. The results depend on the content and quality of the pages shown below.

When people click one of these links and visit the website, it will be classified as organic search results. In simpler terms, this is nothing but organic traffic. For most web developers, organic traffic is highly valuable. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Search engines direct the maximum amount of traffic towards websites that are reliable and genuine. Only if the website is truly trusted will it see some online visitors.
  • Reputed search engines like Google are very specific about organic rankings. The top five keywords or phrases in your site will represent its quality. Indeed, Google loves websites that are rich in high-quality content.
  • For a business website to move above the ranks, it is very difficult.
  • Traffic drops by 90 to 95 per cent between the first two search result pages.
organic search

Paid Searches: How Do They Work?

When you engage in a search, you are bound to see some brands at the top of the page. These are the results of the paid search! Waiting patiently for SEO to grow and build on your website can be tiring. If you want to fast forward several months, you need to make use of Paid searches.

A very good example of paid search would be Google’s AdWords. This is one of the planet’s most widely used and reliable advertising programs. Unlike organic search, where your rank depends on the quality of your page and its content – Paid search relies on programs like Pay per Click.


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