Top 5 Online Jobs Portal in India

Do you remember those days when for a job we visited the company’s reception and asked if they had an opening for them or we visited the consultancy office for any job openings? But nowadays there are online jobs portal where most of the recruiters and companies post the vacant position in their company. These job portals are very helpful for job seekers as they can easily search the job according to their profile and experience.

Also, through these job portals, the companies can reach an enormous pool of talented populations. With the help of these job portals, anyone can apply for a job that is available in any place. In today’s article, we are going to inform you about the best 5 Online Job Portals.

What is Online Jobs Portal?

These days Online Job Portal is playing an important role for the job seeker and companies. Now finding & providing jobs is an easy task with these Online Job Portals. You do not get only a job but an effective job. Through these portals, unemployed persons or job seekers person can easily reach the companies Hr & Recruitment division for the opportunities.

These online job portals are not only joined by job seekers but employers also who were looking for perfect candidates for their company. Various top companies are tie-up with these online portals so the job seeker can get the perfect chance to show their skills and talent to everyone.

Naukri is one of the oldest and most popular online job portals in India. This job portal was started in 1997 and thousands of people are daily browsing this portal for jobs. Naukri portal provides free services to the Job Seeker to find their dream job but there are also some premium services like Naukri Fast Forward Services which are available on a paid basis.

In this premium service of Naukri, you will get resume writing services where experts from the industry will help you to write down a resume for you. They will write a resume for you highlighting your skills and strength. As we all know, an excellent prepared resume will give you more chances to grab the attention of recruiters.

Apart from the written resume, Naukri also helps you to prepare a Visual Resume and it will bring the attention of the recruiter. Not only job seekers but also companies take the series of Naukri to search eligible candidates for them.

Monster India

After Naukri, Monster India is also a very famous Online job portal in India. You can easily search or post jobs on Monster India. Also, Monster India has a section where you can find useful tips to crack an interview. You can apply the available filter in this portal to search for the perfect job for you.

This job portal works well on mobile and websites. Apart from the normal resume services Monster India also provides different services for resumes. For example, if anyone is looking for a job in a particular geography then they could be benefited from Monster India Xtreme Resume Service.


LinkedIn is not a particular online job portal but it is a professional networking site so the working method of this portal is different from other Online Jobs Portal. If you are looking for a job and you are active on LinkedIn then there is a chance for you to display your work experience. Nowadays most corporate firms and recruiters are available on LinkedIn so that can easily reach out to the person who matches their eligibility criteria for any post.

You need to spend some time on this professional networking site where you will be required to grow your network so that you can be succeeded from it in future.


Most popular print media of India HT Media limited manages another famous online job portal of India which is Shine. This online job portal offers professional job options to the professional and also Shine provides important job tips to job seekers. The standard feature of the shine includes Live Chat Support, Phone, E-Mail, Easy-to-Navigate services.

Also, Shine provides Advanced Job Search Feature, Job Alert, Hide Resume Feature, Resume Builder and Company Review etc.


TimesJobs portal also comes in this list. TimesJobs portal is managed by Indian Media House ‘Times Group’. Currently, more than 25 million job seekers are registered on this portal. If we speak about the key features, based on jobseekers profile the portal recommend job and companies.

This is the only portal wherein a section is only dedicated to government sector jobs. TimesJobs also has a different website for IT field jobs which is There are various jobs are available in different industries on the Time Jobs portal.

Conclusion:- In today’s article, we have focused on the top 5 Online Job Portal in India which are preferred by both Job Seekers and Employers.


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