Now, Make Free Audio-Video Calls on X; Learn the Complete Process

X Audio-Videos Call Feature: The most commonly used social media platform in the world may have changed its name but its craze is constantly increasing among users. Ever since the command of X came into the hands of Elon Musk, he has made many special features available to his users from changing the name of Twitter.

Which are well-liked by the people. A new feature has come once again on X. Which made users happy. Because now users will be able to make videos and audio calls from X like WhatsApp.

The option of Audio-Video Call is now appearing on X. With the feature of this audio-video calling, you will now be able to call anyone. Today we can make you audio and video calls from X on an Android phone.

Activate Audio-Video Call Start from X

For this, the user will first have to go to the setting of X, then click on the option of privacy and safety. After which you will see the option of direct message. Going here, you have to enable the audio-video calling feature. Here the user will get the option of Verified Users with the Address Book.

Who Will Get an Audio-Video Call from X

You will be able to take advantage of this as soon as it starts. But keep in mind that only premium subscribers i.e. blue tick users will be able to take advantage of this. But anyone can receive this call.

How to Do Audio-Video Calling?

For this, the user will have to open DM first. After this, you have to click on the phone icon on the right side of the phone. Video and audio calls have to be selected from here. By doing this, this service will start.


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